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The complete guide on crazy travel destinations

If you’re feeling a little bored of visiting the same places year after year with your friends and family (whether it’s that party town in Ibiza or the same all-inclusive resort in France) then maybe it’s time to switch things up a little by trying somewhere new. The whole point of a fun vacation or adventurous trip (however you define your travels) is to have an experience that’s a little different from your day-to-day life.

If you go to the same resorts year after year then they’re going to start to feel a little too familiar; that takes all the fun out of it. So, it’s probably time to put the fun back into travelling. This guide is going to discuss a few crazy travel destinations and why you need to visit them. And, to clarify, we’re going to look at the good kind of ‘crazy’ travel destinations and not the bad kind.


Beaches and surfing: those are the images which come to mind when you think of a vacation in Australia. You’re not too far off the mark, in all honesty. Those are certainly two of the highlights of visiting any major town or city along any coast in the land down under. You could even look into party boat hire if you want to experience Brisbane River with some friends (depending on your age, of course). There’s really nothing better than hitting the open water surrounding this beautiful country. Still, there’s a lot more to Australia than its surrounding ocean. You could turn your trip into an even crazier and more adventurous journey by heading into the outback on some of the tours run by most major cities. Again, it all depends on which part of this mammoth island you choose to visit. We’d suggest one place but there are too many brilliant options.

Goa, India

Goa is a beautiful state on the coast of India. It boasts beautiful beaches and natural scenery. What it also boasts is the potential for late night parties, magnificent food, and too many drinks. Of course, you don’t have to be blackout-drunk every night; there are many other ways to have a fun time in this fascinating region. Venture a little further inland and you can marvel at some of the beautiful forests and awe-inspiring mountains. It’s truly a stunning place. There’s also a lot of fantastic exotic cuisine to try out and a heap of adventure sports. A lot is ‘Goa-ing’ on in this part of the world. Get it? Okay…

budapest at night

Budapest, Hungary

The fascinating thing about this city is the way it weaves elements of the country’s history and culture into its exciting modern additions. The ruin pubs and garden bars are as much a delight to the eyes as their food and drinks are to the taste buds. The vintage aesthetic is big here; many places are unrenovated but that’s part of the style in Budapest. What’s fun about the place is that it feels as if you’re stepping into another world. You also have to try out the thermal baths whilst you’re there; they’re certainly an iconic part of the city. You won’t find anywhere else in the world quite like Budapest. It’s crazy in the best way possible.

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