3 places where you can really get away from it all

There are many kinds of holidays to take in life. Sometimes you want to go exploring and see sights which hardly anyone has ever seen before. Sometimes you want to sit on a beach and do nothing. And sometimes you […]

8 best locations for working remotely

The digital nomad lifestyle is an enviable one. Being able to work remotely opens up the whole world, from Europe and Indonesia to Australasia and the Middle East.  Whatever floats your boat, there are destinations all over the world that […]

chicago illinois skyline

C’mon, feel the Illinois!

Have you ever been to the Midwest? It may not be the most popular area to head to in America as most people are too focused on the country’s coastline. Sure, the like of New York City and San Francisco […]

outdoor gear

Gear to make your outdoor adventure the best one yet 

There is something so magical and rejuvenating about being out in nature. The fresh air offers a freedom and a clarity of mind. The distractions of our fast-paced world seem to slip away as we opt for simpler accommodations and […]

packing a bag

The right way to pack a backpack

Going on a cruise or taking a vacation at a resort or hotel is very different from going backpacking. On a cruise or resort vacation, you can take as much as you want because you will unpack when you get […]

Camper van

Making your camper van adventure a success

Got your heart set on an epic camper adventure? Whether you’re staying local or crossing continents, it’s worth doing a bit research before you buy a van and set off. Here are some success tips for planning the ultimate camper […]

4 ways to make working from home work as a traveller 

International travel is now cheaper than ever, but that doesn’t mean that it is actually cheap. Most people have to save and budget so that they can afford their next trip, and while there are lots of quick and easy ways […]

Families can have a ball at the Miami playground too

For spring breakers, young professionals, college students and fun-loving adults of every kind, Miami is the ultimate playground. It has it all from beaches to bars, sunshine to moonlight, nightclubs to the best late night food anywhere in the world. […]

greek island

The best ways to enjoy an island holiday

Holidays are the perfect means of escaping our day to day lives and resetting the mind somewhere totally new. It’s the ultimate form of escapism and allows us to be ourselves without the worries and stresses which normal life brings. […]