boat house, scotland

Turning a vacation into a more permanent basis

There are many places around the world which you will simply just fall in love with as soon as you touch the ground, so much so that you’d consider relocating to that part of the world. A lot more goes […]

remote working

Making money while traveling

One of the main reasons people put off traveling, or even going on a short break, is the expense. Flights and accommodation can be very expensive, and then you need spending money so that you can have a great time […]

travel bag

Solo traveller: what you need to pack

When travelling alone, the rule of packing light isn’t anywhere near as important as packing smart. That is the key. Things happen when travelling – items get lost, and when you’re on your own it’s even more distressing. So you […]

holiday with children

Best winter trips to bond with your kids

Winter’s one of the best times of the year to enjoy quality time with your kids while getting away from your daily work routine. For this upcoming winter season, instead of using your precious vacation time to sit around the […]

preparing for a trip

Preparing yourself for a backpacking adventure

A backpacking adventure is an exciting time. Whether you’ve planned to travel some distant location on your own or if you’re planning to go with friends, a backpacking trip can be a lot of fun but it’s not the easiest […]

traveling with kids

Traveling long distance with kids

Traveling long distance can be tough. Traveling with kids can be a nightmare. So, the two together, well that could potentially be a little tricky. Children struggle to sit still at the best of times, never mind when they are […]

The attention accommodation deserves

When we’re planning a trip, we face two primary considerations – where we’re going, and where we’re staying. The majority of us focus on our destinations themselves. After all, you can make the best of anything in a stunning setting, […]

family holiday

5 frequently forgotten items on a family vacation

The fall getaway is an intriguing and appealing prospect for many couples and families. Perhaps you didn’t get the chance to get away over summer and are so sick of hearing people at work go on and on about their […]