Revved up: 11 reasons to take a road trip

There’s simply no better way to explore a country than grabbing the wheel and heading off on a road trip; it’s a great means to soak up amazing vistas, unearth local oddities and step into unfamiliar societies. If you needed […]

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Travelling on impulse: is it a good idea?

Have you ever spoken to someone that’s travelled on impulse? They were just walking along one day and saw an advert for a holiday and thought, why not!? Loads of people do this as they believe it’s a great way […]

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The complete guide on crazy travel destinations

If you’re feeling a little bored of visiting the same places year after year with your friends and family (whether it’s that party town in Ibiza or the same all-inclusive resort in France) then maybe it’s time to switch things […]


The travel destinations that are criminally underrated

There are so many travel destinations in the world, and many of them are very common and conventional. But don’t you sometimes want to break free and visit the kinds of places no one really talks about so much? There […]

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How to make your next vacation a stress free experience

Even though vacations are supposed to be a time that you’re away from home relaxing, it can often create more stress than it fixes because of everything you need to think about before, during, and after your vacation. Luckily there […]

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The surprising benefits of camping

In a world where there are fancy hotels packed full of modern luxuries and surrounded by popular tourist attractions, many people are still choosing to go camping instead. To leave everything behind and get away from it all on a […]

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Unique US cities you might not think to visit

When you book your trip to the US, you might already have a list of popular tourist destinations that you want to see. For most travelers, these include cities such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Sure, these […]