How comfortable should your next vacation be?

When it comes to going on vacation, there’s quite a few locations, accommodations, and activities to choose from. It’s one of the luxuries of the modern era: the world is your oyster, and it’s more accessible than ever! You can […]


How to become a smarter traveler

If you would like to travel more, but not spend more, you will have to be smart and take advantage of the offers and the opportunities ahead of you. There are plenty of great ways of making and saving money […]


Dabble in deep sea diving on your travels: a beginner’s guide

Many perspective divers are put off scuba diving because they fear it’s not safe, but in reality only 1 in 211, 864 dives results in a fatality. This makes diving considerably safer than other sports and daily activities, like driving a car or going […]

8 best locations for working remotely

The digital nomad lifestyle is an enviable one. Being able to work remotely opens up the whole world, from Europe and Indonesia to Australasia and the Middle East.  Whatever floats your boat, there are destinations all over the world that […]

honeymoon ideas

Why self catering is the way to go for a honeymoon

Your honeymoon gifts you with the perfect opportunity to utterly overindulge. The special vacation represents a chance for you and your partner to spend some quality time together as newlyweds. You can celebrate your wedding and treat yourselves as much […]

yoga on holiday

10 reasons why around the world travel is good for you

Some people release their negative energies by playing sports, exercising, drinking alcohol, listening to music, binge-eating, or – travelling. While not plausible for some, considering the time and money involved, travelling is an excellent way to maintain a stable mental […]

machu pichu

Machu Picchu: The Unforgettable Journey You’ve Been Waiting For

If you want to be transported to a magical realm away from this world, Machu Picchu is the destination you’ve been looking for all your life. UNESCO has designated Machu Picchu a World Heritage Site because of its considerable archaeological significance. It […]


Destinations for first-time backpackers

Backpacking is an amazing way of seeing the world at a very low cost. It also challenges and stimulates the body as you climb treacherous hills and other terrains. It’s a sport that takes an incredible amount of stamina and […]