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How to breeze through airport security

Having to negotiate your way through all of the new safety rules that have since come into place can take the joy out of travelling, especially if there are never-ending queues at the airport security checkpoints.

If you are a seasoned traveller you will know how people being unprepared for security checks at an airport can slow the entire process down. The people over at the live guide are well aware of the frustrations involved with flying these days and have put together some tips to help you breeze through airport security.

Reduce your waiting times

The number one rule if you can, is to book a flight either early in the morning or late at night. Most people book flights that adhere to their 9 to 5 lives so by going against the norm you will have shorter lines at the airport.

Nothing is worse than when you nearly get to the front of the queue only to find the person in front of you having to look for either their passport or boarding pass. Have your documents ready with your passport opened to the photograph page ready for inspection.

You may have noticed that many people now have their boarding pass on their smartphones and while we love technology, we have all at some time forgotten to charge our phone and run out of battery life. Play it safe and have a printed back up of your boarding pass just in case your phone decides not to cooperate.

All electronic devices such as laptops need to be scanned separately from your other carry-on items, so before you get to the x-ray belt take these items from your bag ready to be put in a separate tray.

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Pick a line and stick to it

No one is an expert when they first start a new job, so try and avoid any lines where you see new staff being trained as that line is guaranteed to be slower than ones with experienced staff on them.

Here is a cool fact you may not have thought of but with the majority of the population being right-handed it makes sense when you hear that right-handed people tend to pick the queue on the right. So fight the urge and select the line to the left as it is sure to have fewer people in it.

Avoid lines where you see families and groups of people together as they tend to move much slower. The trick is to follow the “suits “as business travellers know the security routine and are well prepared.

Be prepared for the metal detector

Have you noticed how people who set off the alarm when walking through the metal detector are always subject to a pat-down search? Don’t let this happen to you by putting coins, belts, jewellery and anything metal in the plastic tray with your carry-on bag.

Sometimes the alarm just goes off and you cannot understand why as you have taken anything that might be metal off of your body and out of your pockets. Guess what, do you happen to be wearing an underwire bra? It is surprising how many people get a secondary screening for this. Do yourself a favour and pack the metallic lingerie in your checked bags!

Platform shoes are a big no-no! Avoid having to take your shoes off and having them x-rayed by wearing flats or sandals.

A seemingly obvious tip is never walk through the metal detector or enter the body scanner before being prompted by airport security staff. If not, you will be forced to repeat the process and are much more likely to be subjected to a pat-down search. Also remove any headwear prior to going through the metal detector as this way security personnel can see you are not trying to conceal something under your hat.

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Stick to the luggage allowance…

Speaking of trying to conceal something, in preparation for a funeral, a couple in the UK tried to bring a dead body on the plane as it was much cheaper to pay for a passenger ticket than for air cargo! Security officials began to suspect something was up when granddad sitting in a wheelchair wearing dark glasses and a cap refused to answer any questions he was asked. Yes, it’s never a dull moment for airport staff who have to deal with something different every day. If only security checks & queueing could be more interesting for passengers!

Most of us know that carry on liquids, including suntan lotions and cosmetics, cannot exceed 100ml and must be placed in a clear plastic bag, & yet thousands still get delayed when pulled aside for forgetting the basics.

Also, If you are taking medications that are in the form of a liquid be sure to have a prescription from your doctor or chemist & be prepared that ice packs will need to get examined.

None of us like being stuck in long queues so remember to be prepared for the airport security check and you will have more time to shop or relax in the airport departure lounge before your flight.

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