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Boston: the new status quo of cool

We all do the same thing: we see the old year off with a flurry of drinks, friends and fireworks, and we wake up on the first of January thinking this time the new year really will symbolise the new you, and what better way to kick things off than a quick staycation. It’s that chance to start as you mean to go on, see new things, try new things, experience new things. The problem is, this so-called “new you” is packing efficiently and looking at flights to the same old places. The New York’s. The LA’s. The San Fran’s and Chicago’s. Sure, they’re all breathtaking places that have become famous the world-over for good reason, but they’ve been done so many times you can explore every inch of them on Instagram.

Yeah, it’s time to explore somewhere new, somewhere you’ve never been and never thought about; somewhere fresh and alive and packed full of memories in the making, and that is where Boston, Massachusetts comes in.

It may be small, it may be easy to ignore, and it may not take the top spot of anyone’s bucket list, but one visit here at the start of the year and all that might well change for you. It is just so cool. Look past the baseball Holy Grail of Fenway Park, and past the old Georgian buildings of Harvard that are so old they are fresh again, and you’ll find a charm like nowhere else, as endless streams of classic men’s grooming shops appear, and window after window of men’s Herringbone suits and even places that still celebrate old smoking pipes. It’s the oyster bars and bookstores and all these things you never associate with Boston that makes it what it is.

It’s historic, cultural, trendy and an up and comer, and that’s why you need to make it your must-see city of quarter one.

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Your Stay In Luxury

The thing about Boston is, well, the choice. On every front. But most notably in terms of hotels. You’ve got the stately-looking Beacon hill hotel and the more minimalist Ames, both of which drop jaws. However, the Boston Harbour Hotel pinches it for us. It is just the most luxurious home away from home, with sweeping views of the city and a panoramic look over the waterfront, as well as all trimmings you could hope for. Spas, dining, fitness centres; it has everything you need to start the year off with a bang.

Small Still Needs Style

In the grand scheme of things – and what other way is there to look at it – Boston is not the biggest city, but it’s gems are spread out all over the place, which is why we recommend you splash out on some wheels that dazzle so that you can take it all in. Of course, it is worth mentioning that Boston does lay claim to the worst drivers in America, so it may be worth bookmarking just in case. Now we’ve got the big topics of home and travel out of the way, it’s time to tick off the stunning sights you need to work your way through in whatever time you have.

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The Best Of Beacon Hill

This area isn’t just one of the oldest in the city, it is one of the oldest in the country, yet its charm and allure have only grown over this time. It’s the red brick facades of its age-old buildings, the cobbled streets, little shops and the details, right down to the gas-lit street lamps. Whichever street you pick, you’ll fall in love. But if we had to pick just one, head for Charles Street simply because you’ll want to eat at Artu.

Go Find Freedom

If you want to see what history really looks like, then you best pull on your comfiest shoes and walk the two and a half mile Freedom Trail that takes you right past sixteen of Boston’s most decorated sites, as you can see by looking at We’re talking the Old North Church, the Faneuil Hall Marketplace and, yes, the Paul Revere House. It’s gorgeous Georgian architecture at its finest.

Not Your Everyday Theatre

You’ll be glad you hired a motor when it comes to checking out the Somerville Theatre, which is an awesome old theatre that shows a gorgeous plethora of movies. Modern blockbusters, tear-jerking classics, indies and even the occasional band plays there. But it goes beyond the screen, snacks and craft beer because, in the basement, is the Museum of Bad Art.

boston house

The South End Is Where

If you’re into anything on the Richter scale of cool – whether it be art stores, design shops or restaurants with a splash of pizzazz – you need to get down the South End where you’ll find everything tucked into rows of red brick townhouses, each street bursting onto little English squares. Flour Bakery and Cafe, Machine Age, Hudson, The Butcher Shop and Sault New England. It’s impeccably cool here. As is the nearby Fort Point, which is this bustling waterfront neighbourhood that so many people describe as the Williamsburg of Boston.

The Boston Public Garden

This is one of the most treasured highlights of Boston, a place that has inspired so many of America’s great artists; writers and poets and just about everyone that has a knack of putting words to emotions like never before. And it isn’t hard to see why. This 24-acre park of lush green botany is utterly magical. To drop by Boston and not give your thoughts a few moments of silence here would be a sin of the highest order.

Walk Amongst The Sky

Your hotel may offer some of the most spectacular views going, but nothing rivals the vistas from the top of the Skywalk Observatory, which is located on top of the Prudential Centre – a skyscraper in its own right. What makes it so special is the three-hundred and sixty degrees of uninterrupted wow. That’s the only way to describe it – wow. From the skyline to the bay to the harbour; here is where you need to go to soak it all in.

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