Bored of travelling? Here’s how to reignite that wanderlust

Seasoned travellers can often feel like they’ve seen all there is in the world. Perhaps you’ve visited every continent, explored some of the world’s most famous cities, and even done some daring activities that few people would even dream of.

We get it.

After all, what’s the difference between a beach in Spain and a beach in Hawaii? Well, there’s perhaps different food, but is travelling to the other side of the world to see a different beach really worth the time, effort and money? After all, most of us travel to relieve ourselves of the everyday stress we face at work, so what does it matter as long as you’re walking on warm golden sands, enjoying the sun, and watching the waves go by?

It’s all about the experience.

Experiences are what make travelling worthwhile. If you’re diluting the travel experience into beaches, resorts and entertainment, then you’ve lost sight of what gave you that wanderlust in the first place. Exploring the world, seeing new sights, meeting new people and experiencing something that 99% of the population of the world haven’t is what draws us to travel in the first place.

So if you want to reignite that passion for travel, here are a couple of tips to help you get back on track and fall in love with exploring the world again.

Always look for inspiration

With so much content on the internet, it’s almost impossible to avoid seeing someone else’s adventures in another far-off country. Be it the Beautiful World travel guide website or famous YouTubers documenting their travels abroad, make sure you spend your free time looking at other travellers. They might introduce you to something spectacular, such as a wonderful-sounding dish somewhere in the Philippines, or an incredible hiking travel somewhere in South Africa. There are an almost countless number of destinations to visit—all it takes is a little inspiration

Create a bucket list

Everyone secretly has a bucket list. There are times when your bucket list doesn’t just need to consist of “visit x country” or “seeing y event”. It could be more creative things, such as travelling first class, going on an American road trip or making friends with indigenous people. Add some unique must-do activities to your bucket list and go on an adventure worth recording in video, photos and text. It doesn’t take long to think up some unique adventures to look forward to, and when in doubt, always refer back to the first point and look for inspiration.

Go with your friends

Travelling alone can get boring unless you’re a dedicated explorer and backpacker, so why not bring some friends? Take your friends with you to a destination you’ve already been and share with them the wonder of travel. Are you too scared to go to certain destinations alone? Then why not bring people with you. Need an idea for a summer family holiday? Try and research a destination that will appeal not just to yourself, but also your travel companions. Bringing friends along can open up many different travel opportunities, so don’t neglect the joy of travelling together with others.

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