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Blow into the Windy City – it’s pretty, you know!

There is nothing harder than nailing a list of things to do in Chicago. There is that much to do in the city that you can seriously be spoilt for choice. Chicago is a simply amazing city to visit, and it can be overwhelming to know what to add to your Windy City bucket list. You can read here why it’s called the Windy City – you won’t regret the little background info.

There are plenty of local attractions in Chicago, and booking a hotel near Chicago O’Hare Airport is an absolute must for ease of transport around the city. It’s one of the largest cities in the US, and if you’ve got a hearty appetite for good food, great art and seriously competitive sports, then Chicago is a place that will reside in your heart for many years to come. So, it’s time to let the Windy City truly blow you away and here are four good reasons to visit:

The Food. Okay, there is no word of a lie when the Chicagoans tell you that they are good at pizza, they are good at pizza. But it’s not just pizza. The food in Chicago alone is the reason many decide to visit. There are deep dish pizzas at Giordano’s, hot dogs at Portillo’s and Nandos for those who are a little homesick and need something familiar. The art of conversation is held at the dinner table, and you’ll all forget how when you’ve got that deep dish going down!

The Views. If there is one thing that Chicago does well, it’s architecture. The Willis Tower has got the Skydeck that should be present on the bucket list of every visitor to the city, as it offers you total panoramic views of the ocean and the city itself. You can even wander out onto the glass Ledge, where you can look down, catch your breath and take a photo 103 floors up. While you’re there, get onto the Tilt and see the city with a whole other perspective.

The Bars. Wrigleyfield is the home of the Chicago Cubs and if you’re not visiting during game time, you need to check out the bars in Wrigleyville. Live music, beer gardens, rooftop hangouts and daytime dancing are all popular things to see and do when you’re in Chicago. It’s always better during baseball season, though, as you can catch a game – whether you’re in the stadium or watching on one of the many giant TV screens!

The Art. Chicago isn’t just food and drink, it’s artistic and beautiful and showcases as much at the Art Institute of Chicago. There are tours for the architecture along the river, photography cruises and Impressionists collections that can be boasted as the best outside of Paris.

Don’t write the Windy City off your US bucket list. There’s just so much to appreciate and have fun with that you won’t be let down by your visit. Be amazed and be grateful that Chicago exists.

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