My Big Fat Greek Getaway: top tips for planning the perfect vacation

Greece is an enchanting country, which offers such a diverse range of options when it comes to planning a vacation. You often hear the words ‘something for everyone’ in travel guides, and sometimes, this isn’t always accurate. In Greece, however, you’ll never struggle to please everyone. This is a country that boasts everything from whitewashed villages and bustling tavernas to deserted islands and ruins that date back centuries. Whether you’re a fan of art, history, sport, food, drink or simply lying back and enjoying the views in the sunshine, you won’t regret visiting Greece. If we’ve managed to convince you, here are some top tips to help you plan your big fat Greek getaway.

Planning your itinerary and getting around

The trouble with Greece is that there’s almost too much to see and do. There’s a choice between staying in one place or traveling around to see as much as possible. If you’ve got a two-week vacation booked, it’s likely that you won’t be able to travel extensively, but you don’t have to stay in one place. You could consider the option of spending a couple of days in Athens before heading to the coast if you want to stay on the mainland or embarking on an island hopping tour if you’re keen to see why the Greek Islands have such an excellent reputation.

If you do want to plan a multi-stop tour, there are various options open to you. If you’re staying on one island, for example, Crete, and you plan to stay put for the duration of your break, you can explore by hiring a car or using local bus services. If you want to hop from one island to another, for example, you want to travel to Santorini from Crete, you can book ferry tickets and hotels online or join a day tour. If you plan to explore the islands in more detail and you want to escape the crowds, it’s worth looking into trips offered by companies like The Big Sail. You can cruise around the islands with a group of friends or family members, soaking up the sun’s rays on the decks, enjoying the incredible views, and stopping off to explore.

A brief guide to the islands

All the Greek Islands have things in common, but you’ll find that everyone is unique in their own right. The larger, busier islands of Crete, Rhodes, and Zante are famed for hosting parties to remember and offering all the amenities you could ever need for a family vacation, but there are also large parts that are untouched, and you won’t struggle to find secluded sunbathing spots. Santorini and Mykonos have a reputation for being upmarket, and they attract glamorous travelers with their chic beach bars and luxury hotels. The smaller islands of Poros and Paxos are more understated, and they have a rustic charm.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next vacation, why not pay Greece a visit? Whether you stay on the mainland or you embrace island life, you’re guaranteed a memorable trip.

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