Beyond the Jersey Shore: four reasons to take a trip to New Jersey ASAP!

For a lot of people, the state of New Jersey is a place that has something of a bad reputation. There are a lot of people who only know about it because of the MTV show Jersey Shore, or perhaps they only really think of it as the lesser version of its neighbor, New York. However, despite these things, New Jersey actually has a lot to offer visitors, and it’s well worth considering for your next trip. Here are a few reasons why you should make sure that New Jersey is your next destination!

The food

If there’s one thing that just about everyone has to admit it’s that New Jersey is a place where you can get some seriously good food! No matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s almost certainly somewhere that will cater to your tastes. Whether it’s a taste of European class at a place like Illiano Cucina Mediterranea, or you just want to good old-fashioned home cooking at one of New Jersey’s legendary diners, you’re certain to find something that hits the spot. Of course, don’t blame us if you end up overeating and needing to take a nap!

The (other) beaches

new jersey beach

Yes, the most famous beach in the state is probably the Jersey Shore, but the reality is that it’s far from the only beach in the state, and it’s definitely not the best. While the Jersey Shore might be known for loud party goers and clubbing, places like Cape Bay and Ocean Grove offer everything from high-class luxury, to quaint and quiet atmospheres. With over a hundred miles of coastline, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect beach for you.

The world’s largest theme park

You think you like rollercoasters? Well, you haven’t seen roller coasters until you’ve been to Six Flags Great Adventure! This is a genuine paradise for any thrill seekers with a water park as well as a coaster that features the tallest and fastest drop in the world! If you think you can handle some spills and thrills, then you owe it to yourself to check the place out.

The nature

New Jersey waterfall

Now, nature probably isn’t the thing that springs to mind when you first think of New Jersey, but the truth is there’s actually a lot of fantastic nature all across the state. From the beauty of the changing leaves in the autumn to the amazing waterfalls (yes waterfalls!) like Great Falls, there’s always something beautiful to see, no matter where you are and what time of year you arrive. Whether you want to go apple picking or just wander around marveling at the natural beauty, New Jersey is the kind of place that can often feel like your very own little corner of paradise.

While it might not have the prestige of its neighbor, New Jersey is the kind of place that thousands of people visit and fall in love with every single day, and with good reason! Take a trip there yourself, and, just like with many amazing places in the USA, you’re sure to come across hidden gems and secrets that you could never have possibly expected!

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