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The best ways to enjoy an island holiday

Holidays are the perfect means of escaping our day to day lives and resetting the mind somewhere totally new. It’s the ultimate form of escapism and allows us to be ourselves without the worries and stresses which normal life brings. The pursuit of sun, sand, and sea brings thousands of us away from our homes and out to exotic locations each year. One of the most popular types of holiday is by the poolside on a small island; but what if there were even better ways to make the most of your time on a remote island?

Island Tours

If you weren’t already aware, when you visit an island resort you will have the option to take a guided tour. You may usually avoid this kind of activity, but why not give it a try? You will be taken around the island and shown areas of interest, landmarks and great places to dine. You may also learn some fascinating facts about the history and culture of the island. It can offer a whole new perspective on your trip and give you insight into this foreign land.

Dining Out

Food is, of course, a huge part of any holiday, and even the pickiest eaters will need to try something new when in a foreign country. When in Rome, you might as well dive right in and try out the best that exotic dining has to offer. You’ll be able to try exciting new foods and sample some refreshing cocktails and liqueurs too.

Renting A Boat/ Going on A Mini Cruise

One of the primary benefits of choosing a holiday on a small island is the fact that you are never far away from the open water. Why not take full advantage of this and enjoy one of the many cruises which will take place on resorts, allowing you to enjoy the water and stop off at other locations to explore. If you would rather be alone, you could always rent a boat or even buy one yourself. A boat offers an ideal way to explore the open sea without the schedule or people. You can get help buying a boat by using a financing site such as

Exploring and Hiking

If you look on, you will always be able to find beautiful national parks and areas of interest in the area you are staying. Although a holiday is an ideal time to relax and not worry about moving a muscle, it is also good to stretch your legs now and again. Why not take a walk on the wild side and get away from the resort for a day or two, taking the time to go on a hike and explore some of the beautiful natural landscape. If you can reach a high enough altitude, you will even be able to see a panoramic view of the island you are staying on. The Instagram opportunities alone will make this worth it.


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