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The best beach destinations in the US

A beach holiday is a perfect way to get away from it all and relax for a week or two. When you say beach holiday, people usually think of some far-flung exotic beach halfway around the world. But if you can’t afford expensive flights, that doesn’t mean you can’t afford to go on a great beach holiday. There are plenty of great beaches in the US which are a lot easier to get to and have all of the same great stuff that you’d find anywhere else. These are some of the best beaches in the US.

Palm Beach

palm beach

If you’re looking for a great beach with plenty of things to do in the surrounding area, Palm Beach in Florida is one of the best places to go. During the day, you can relax on the beautiful white beaches and take a dip in the ocean. In the evenings, when you’ve had enough of sunbathing, you can head into the surrounding town where you’ll find all sorts of classy restaurants and bars where you can grab something to eat and drink. There are also a lot of upscale boutiques if you want to do some shopping while you’re there or maybe you could visit one of the great art galleries while you’re in the area. While you’re there, hiring a Segway is one of the best ways to get around. It’s a lot quicker and you’ll cover more ground, not to mention it’s great fun as well.

Miami Beach

miami beach

If it’s a party atmosphere that you’re after, look no further than Miami Beach. The area is famous for its vibrant nightlife. After a day on the beach, you can hit the town and seek out one of the many nightclubs and bars in the area and party until dawn. Just be aware, your credit card won’t thank you for it. While Miami Beach does have a reputation as a party destination, it’s also quite popular with families as well. The South Beach area is a lot more laid back and affordable so don’t write off Miami as a great family destination.

Surfside Beach

Texas doesn’t immediately come to mind when you’re thinking of great beach destinations in the US but Surfside Beach has plenty to offer. It’s a very affordable destination for one thing because it’s easy to find a cheap hotel in Lake Jackson which is close to the beach area. It’s ideal for kids as well because there is a great water park there and plenty of other child friendly activities. You can do watersports in the sea as well so if you fancy getting on a banana boat of going surfing, you can find it all at Surfside Beach. Just 5 miles away, you’ll find Myrtle Beach Safari. This great safari park has all sorts of different wildlife including elephants and tigers. It’s an absolute must for any animal lovers out there.

Going to a great beach destination doesn’t mean flying halfway around the world, why not try one of these instead?


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