Barmy about beaches?

We all travel for different reasons. For the keenest travelers, excursions and experiences are the primary focus. For others, vacations are about kicking back and reading all those books which have been piling up. And, for some of us, a mix of the two sounds like the ideal combination.

But, even the most active explorer out there just wants to relax from time to time. And, what better way to do then than to head to some stunning beaches? The lapping of the water and the sheer size of the ocean can ease you like nothing else. A few other times can you feel so inadequate, and entirely at peace with the fact.

But, if you aren’t a natural beach baby, you may be uncertain about which beaches would suit you best. Lucky for you, we’re going to look at the three main types, and some American options to suit each.

A busy beach

Though it may not go hand in hand with relaxation, a busy beach has its appeal. If you find it hard to sit back and chill out, this could be the solution for you. On a busy beach, there’s plenty to see and do. While you sunbathe, you can people watch, and soak up the atmosphere at the same time. In the USA, the busiest beach is by far Venice Beach in California. With an annual 16,000,000 visitors, you can ensure plenty of beach bustle during your visit. Or, you may want to head to North Carolina’s outer banks. By booking into somewhere like the Baymont Inn & Suites Kitty Hawk Outer Banks, you’ll be near the best beach available. While not as popular as Venice Beach, Kitty Hawk beach attracts a decent crowd and could from the perfect middle ground.

A secluded affair

Some us prefer a quiet beach affair. The waves do form the perfect soundtrack to deep contemplation. Or, perhaps you’re after romantic downtime with your partner. Luckily, plenty of beaches offer privacy. By heading to more underrated options, you can avoid fighting through the crowds. Bear in mind that time of year often plays a part here, too. If you still fancy the North Carolina Outer Banks, you could head somewhere like Carova beach. Given that you can only get here by boat, it doesn’t get much more exclusive. Or, perhaps you fancy somewhere like Second Beach in Washington, which you can only reach via a hiking trail. The rule seems to be, if it’s difficult to get to, you have more chance of finding that all important privacy.

One for the scenery

Some of us like nothing better than a stunning beach. America has you covered here, too. Options like Carmel-by-the-Sea in California would suit perfectly. The pine trees and rugged coastline are a sight worth seeing. If you’re after natural variety, head somewhere like Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Here, you can find forests, dunes, and nature trails. There’s something for everyone, and the varied landscapes sure make a stunning sight.

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