Are you ready for an adventure?

The vacations that you usually embark upon are pretty ordinary by most people’s standards; a week in the sun lounging on the beach, relaxing with a book, dipping your toes in the ocean, seeing the city sights and enjoying evenings sampling local cuisine. Sounds pleasant. But pleasant isn’t what you’re after. You want to experience a new type of vacation – a holiday that you will never forget and a holiday that will encourage you to experience new and exciting things. Check out the ideas below to give you inspiration.

  1. Mountain Gorillas In Uganda

There can’t be a much more thrilling experience than seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. Unlike the typical safari, this adventure would see you travel into the depths of the Ugandan jungle to explore stunning scenery such a Kabagara Falls, go chimpanzee tracking with a local guide and, of course, observe the majestic mountain gorillas. By embarking on an adventure like this, you are helping the conservation effort in securing the survival of an endangered species.

  1. Kayaking in Iceland

Iceland is the land of the Vikings and the Northern Lights. You could experience a holiday on the water discovering fjords, waterfalls, and glaciers. With expert tuition, you’ll learn how to navigate your kayak through the Icelandic wilderness. Spending your evenings camped under the stars with a chance of seeing the aurora borealis makes for an adventure of a lifetime.

  1. Yoga and Surf in the Caribbean

If relaxation and good clean ocean air is more your style, the white sand beaches of the Caribbean will tempt you. At a Surf Yoga Retreat, you can experience the thrill of kite surfing, canyoning, and snorkeling as well as the more mellow yoga classes to rejuvenate the soul. The Caribbean is renowned for its kind welcome and friendly people. This is the sort of holiday where you will make lifelong friends and are sure to return.

  1.  Trek in Afghanistan

The Middle East region has had a rough time over the last decade, but now it is trying to shake off its war-torn persona to reinvent itself as a tourist destination. The Wakhan corridor is a narrow strip of land sandwiched between two beautiful mountain ranges. The trek is mentally and physically draining but with the support of the local Kyrgyz and Wakhi community you will be taking part in a journey that very few people have traveled.

  1. Malawi Triathlon

Not for the faint hearted, this is the toughest adventure on the list. Biking, hiking, and kayaking while seeing the beautiful vistas that Malawi has to offer is physically demanding. But with the opportunity to visit the Lake of Stars and chill out on the shores of Mumbo Island, there is plenty of time to recover. If you’re up for the challenge, this is an adventure that is hard to beat.

The world has no doubt become a smaller place with opportunities for adventure more within your grasp than ever before. Succumb to those itchy feet and embark on a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget.

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