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Adrenaline Pumping Attractions: Dubai

Fast and furious roller coasters, wet and wild slides, and throwing yourself off a crane from 50-metres in the air are the adrenaline-pumping, heart-stopping attractions we are looking at today.

Offering adrenaline junkies more than one opportunity to indulge in thrilling rides, slides and more, Dubai is a city that never disappoints! 

Aquaventure Water Park

Prepare for a fun day out with your friends and family, as the Aquaventure water park is an adrenaline pumping attraction that has numerous record-breaking slides that you will find nowhere else in the world.

Split into two areas – The Tower of Poseidon and The Tower of Neptune – each that includes their very own selection of wet and wild rides, there is so much to do while visiting this Dubai water park.

At The Tower of Neptune, you will find a number of dark and mysterious tunnels that will catapult you into the Shark Lagoon, as well as a number of fun water coasters that will push your limits and the dreaded Leap of Faith that will have you plunging towards to bottom at a near vertical angle!

On the other side of the water park you have The Tower of Poseidon which is home to the Aquaconda – a monstrous leviathan – and the Zoomerango – which lets you experience a burst of weightlessness. 

motiongate™ Dubai

A brand spanking new theme park that inspired by some of the greatest movies of our time, motiongate™ Dubai provides nothing but fast-paced, family-friendly entertainment that makes for a great day out in the city.

Based on the best-in-branded entertainment from three of the most influential motion picture studios in Hollywood – DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Studios and Lionsgate – motiongate™ DUBAI is made up of different zones – including Studio Central, Sony Pictures Studios, Smurfs Village, DreamWorks and Lionsgate – each of which is home to a number of movie-inspired thrill (and family) rides suitable for all ages.

From rollercoasters inspired by movies like The Green Lantern and The Hunger Games, to kid-friendly rides inspired by the Smurfs, Shrek and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the fun never stops at this magical theme park. 

Bungee Jumping off a Crane

Always wanted to go bungee jumping? Why not take the opportunity to do just that when you are vacationing in Dubai? Gravity Zone Adrenaline Sports offers the unique opportunity for adrenaline junkies looking for their fix, by jumping off a crane in the middle of the city! A whopping 50-metre bungee jump, Gravity Dubai has taken this adrenaline-filled activity to a whole new level.

Those who choose to take part will climb on board the crane after being kitted out with all of the relevant safety gear, and then transported 50-metres up into the air where they are faced with the decision of whether or not they really want to go through with the jump or not!

If you are a dare devil that liked to push all of your boundaries to their limits, which of the above mentioned adrenaline-pumping activities and attractions would you take part in first? Or will you dare to try them all?


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