Turn It To Trvl was born to inspire people to pack in their 9-5, dust off their holdall, grab their passport, and seek a life of travel.

One purpose of the site is to share the stories of those who took this ideology and ran with it, left the grind behind, found a job, volunteered, or started a business abroad and are travelling for a living.

Many people complain about their job, the country they live in and the lack of opportunities available to them. Yet, they don’t act on this feeling of unfulfillment and continue going to the job they hate, complain about the crappy weather and don’t get online or speak to people and discover the wealth of opportunities available to all of us which can change our lives. For some, they may not believe that they have the skillset to work abroad, or, don’t know where to look to find a job abroad, or, are too shy, and although they wish to do something life-changingly different are too afraid to take the final step, board the plane and create a new life.

At Turn It To Trvl, we want to inspire people to turn their life to travel, we showcase the stories of people who one day decided to pack all their desk toys into a cardboard box, walked out of the office, held up their middle finger to the man, and said ‘see ya’ to the corporate world. Not only do we share inspiring stories, but also advice and guidance on how to find opportunities around the world and escape the un-inspiring life mainstream education directs us towards.

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