8 best locations for working remotely

The digital nomad lifestyle is an enviable one. Being able to work remotely opens up the whole world, from Europe and Indonesia to Australasia and the Middle East.

 Whatever floats your boat, there are destinations all over the world that make great spots to work from. Read more to discover our top eight best locations for working remotely.

Tarifa, Spain

Situated on the southernmost point of Spain, Tarifa is a beautiful old town known for its digital nomad lifestyle and kitesurfing community.

It’s a brilliant gateway into mainland Europe as you can explore Portugal to the west or Spain and France to the east from this central point in Andalucía. If you fancy heading south, the ferry to Morocco is just a 50-minute trip.

If that’s not good enough, digital nomads are truly spoilt here as there is even a hostel, La Cocotera, which specifically caters to this footloose lifestyle. While the more affordable hostels range from $10-$15 a night, those nomads preferring to experience the local life can rent a room in a traditional apartment via Airbnb.

coworking in brighton

Brighton, UK

With its long beach covered in practical pebbles (sorry, no palm trees in sight here), Brighton has everything you could want from a ‘London-by-the-sea’ but without the crazy prices of the UK’s capital.

If you’re part of the LGBTQ scene, then Brighton is one of the world’s best locations for liberal life. Plus it offers some amazing nightlife, as well as some excellent shopping to choose from.

There are also brilliant co-working spaces to choose from, including The Skiff and The Werks, with daily drop-in rates or monthly passes for those who want to stay and enjoy the best of British for a little longer.

For travelers on a budget, you can easily find cheap accommodation in backpacker hostels such as the YHA Brighton for as little as $9 a night. Alternatively, the city’s many quirky Airbnb offer more long-term residences at competitive prices. Don’t forget the city has a marina too, so you could even take a boat trip for some at-sea working.


Portugal has been an up-and-coming hotspot for digital nomads for a little while now. Its coastal capital of Lisbon has a diverse opportunity for nomads to stay, work and play whilst experiencing all this culture has to offer.

Surf spots along the western Atlantic coast are literally some of the best in the world, and surf and yoga hostels are popular here, giving plenty of options to surf-loving digital nomads.

And if you venture down onto the southern Algarve coast, you’ll find some awesome coastal towns giving you as much or as little life as you’re looking for. Don’t miss Lagos, known for its hostels and bars but also great beaches, cheap beer and coastal views.

digital nomad in barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Heading east from Portugal and into the Mediterranean will see you arrive at Barcelona, one of Spain’s biggest cities, also on the coast.

Barcelona is alive by day and night, with plenty of usual tourist opportunities available alongside a lively expat community. Digital nomads are catered for well, with many co-working spaces and hostels, but you might choose to go native and stay with a local via Couchsurfing.

If you’re finding the cost of living too high in the city itself, consider exploring the outskirts, as the cost of public transport is so cheap here – about $2 for a 30-minute train ride from the suburbs into the city.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been a popular hub for nomads for a while now, and it’s easy to see why.

The cost of living in Indonesia is relatively cheap compared to the US and western Europe. If you can maintain your western income whilst reducing your living costs, you’re onto a financial and well-being winner. Hostels average around $10 a night, and the street food is renowned for being not just affordable, but delicious too.

There is also a pretty fantastic digital nomad community settled in Bali, including Hubud in Ubud, and even the Green School for families who are looking to live an alternative life in this amazing part of the world.



A close neighbour to Bali, Thailand is also a fantastic spot for digital nomads. With its unique culture, excellent food and low cost of living (hostels can be booked for as little as $3 a night), not to mention relatively awesome climate, it’s easy to see why Thailand has such great and exotic appeal.

Its many islands offer nomads the potential of an idyllic beach lifestyle, whereas, for those looking to settle in a city for a while, Bangkok offers plenty of opportunities to engage with local life and also meet digital nomad peers.

Australia & New Zealand

Fancy exploring Down Under? Australia and New Zealand are both popular travelling destinations for millennials and digital nomads alike.

And for digital nomads who want to invest in an extra revenue stream to fund their travels, there are plenty of businesses for sale in Australia on Exchange that are perfect as a low-maintenance source of income.

Alternatively, there are some companies who advertise for people to drive vans one-way for a much reduced (or sometimes even paid) rate. This gives you an excellent opportunity to work remotely while keeping your costs down. Just don’t forget that local data SIM.

tel aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

Whilst not at the top of most people’s list as a potential travelling destination, Israel is an experience not to be missed. Whether you’re into desert hiking in the Negev or windsurfing on the Red Sea, Israel has something for everyone.

The digital community in Israel is huge, with the country becoming known as one of the world’s greatest start-up hotpots alongside the likes of Silicon Valley. And Tel Aviv is where they all hang out.

If you’re a vegan or are starting to think more consciously about what you’re eating, then Tel Aviv can cater to your every need. It’s surprisingly cheap too, with good dormitories with wifi and a kitchen available for less than $10 a night. And with thriving arts and music scene, Tel Aviv might just be the most liberal city you never expected to find!

Because of the increasing accessibility of working remotely, the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more well-known. Not only does this mean the opportunities for work are increasing, but so are the hostels and co-working spaces popping up around the world to support our lifestyles and introduce us to our international peers.

From Europe to Indonesia, via Israel and New Zealand, every one of these destinations are fantastic places for anybody to visit, especially digital nomads. With great wifi available in all of them, and local data SIMs for those who want to go a little more off the beaten track, the world is your oyster.  

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