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5 Tricks to Make your Road Tripping Experience Even More Memorable

The art of the road trip and the great pleasure it can bring is little known by many. But for those in the know, planning a trip across an exciting, new and unexplored landscape is the stuff of dreams.

Amazing things can happen during any type of holiday. However, road trips are especially likely to provide the thrill of travelling. They’re cheaper, more comfortable and about a million times more exciting than sitting on a plane. Road trips can turn a journey into a memory, here are some tips for making your road trip even more memorable.

1.    Create a map (and then ignore it)

The most obvious starting point for planning your road trip is creating a map of the routes you are going to take and the spots you are going to visit. This is a smart move as it will provide some structure to your trip and mitigate the risk of losing time getting lost or in areas with little of interest.

However, sticking too strictly to your map can also have a negative impact on your road trip. Often, the best and most exciting experiences you will have on a road trip will be those unexpected and off the cuff.

Use your prepared map as a guide rather than a plan to follow too strictly. Allow yourself to adventure off the planned path and go where your intuition takes you. Remember, the fun is all in the unexpected.

2.    Let music take the main stage

Ever turn on the radio to a tune that brings memories flooding back? That incredible summer. That weekend romance. That time where you and your friends laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe.

Music is a powerful way to make memories from your road trip more special and well, more memorable. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose your music wisely for your road trip.

When creating a playlist you should remember that the music needs to be good to drive. Anything too fast or too slow may impact the pace of your driving, stress you out, or chill you out just a little too much. Instead, pick tunes that fit with your surroundings and the pace of your journey, and that put you in a good mood.

Try to choose the music that you and your companions will enjoy. Using a music streaming service like Spotify allows you and your travelling buddies to all contribute to one playlist. If you like singing and are able to stand the others singing, consider a car-aoke. But if that sounds too scary, you can always stay with the safest option of taking turns to play your favourite songs.

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3.    Pick companions wisely

Road trips are fun…but they are also long. That is why it is important to put some serious thought into who you will invite along with you.

When picking your companions for a memorable road trip ask yourself whether you will be happy sitting in a confined space with that individual for hours at a time. For an extra memorable trip, it is also worth finding companions who are likely to be open to new experiences.

4.    Listen to your stomach

If you want to get the most out of every travel experience, food is surely an important part of any journey. Being in an unexplored area offers opportunities to try new and exciting grub with local specialities taking precedence over anything else.

When planning your route do your research into the best places to eat in the local areas. Better yet, when you are in an area ask a friendly local where they would recommend, as the locals favourite is not always widely advertised online.

However, caution should be taken. When planning your meal times remember that being in a car for a long period of time can have a negative impact on your stomach. Plan your bigger meals in the evenings and eat light during long stints on the road.

5.    Add some sparkle to your road trip

For those looking for an extra special road trip which they will remember for years to come the vehicle you are driving is an important consideration. This is often overlooked, taking a back seat to the destinations along the route.

Yet the vehicle is where you will actually be spending the majority of the time and can make the difference between a good and incredible experience. To many comfort is important, so consider renting a camper van or spacious car if you have the possibility to do so. To others, the drive and experience are more important, in which case consider renting a dream vehicle such as a Mustang for your trip.

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Road trips are awesome but they wouldn’t be proper road trips without some boring parts. The tricks like those above give you the opportunity to turn the dull aspects of your journey into an exciting experience. It is clear that by including them when planning your road trip you can make it even more memorable than most.


Giles Kirkland is a car mechanic at Oponeo with a great passion for travelling and anything automotive. When he’s not busy tinkering with cars, he likes to hit the road and explore the countryside or plan a new road adventure abroad. Also, he is keen on blogging and sharing ideas with auto and motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe.

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