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5 things every visitor to California needs to do

Everyone knows that California is an exciting, one of a kind destination to visit. There, you can do anything and everything, from exploring some of the world’s most beautiful scenery to soaking up the excitement of its best cities, which are among the best you’ll find anywhere on earth. But if you’ve never been before, where do you start? Below, we take a look at five things every visitor to the Golden State needs to do. Buckle up; it’s going to be some ride!

Hit the Outdoors

You’ll want to have a car with you during your trip, for one simple reason: this is a stunningly beautiful state, perhaps the most beautiful in America, and there are many, many awe-inspiring natural spots you’ll want to visit. If the idea of seeing the tallest trees on earth sounds appealing (and how could it not?), then make sure you swing by Redwood National and State Parks. For outdoor recreation, head up to Lake Tahoe. Then there’s the matter of Yosemite National Park, which is beautiful, majestic, and has a terrific atmosphere. Take your hiking shoes, or just rock up and see some of the world’s best climbers doing their thing.

On the Wine Trail

You can’t visit California and not stop by its famous wine trail. For one thing, this is a side of California that’s unlike anywhere else; expansive, beautiful, and seemingly always sunny – a great place to explore. And for another thing: the wine here is delicious. Book a stay at The Oaks Hotel in Paso Robles, and you’ll have the perfect base from which to explore the many wineries that dot this part of the state. Enjoy sampling the wineries’ offering onsite, and then make sure you take a bottle or two for friends and family back home.

The Big Cities

When people think of California, it’s usually the two giant cities that they think of: Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These are exciting, incredible cities, with far too many attractions to list here. The best advice is to give yourself a couple of days to explore all that they have to offer. And while you’re on the city trail, make sure you head down to San Diego; it’s much different from the other cities, but you won’t regret going.

With the Children

California is one of those rare states that has just as much for children as it does for adults. There you’ll find Disneyland, Universal Studios, Legoland, the San Diego Zoo, and much more. These are among some of the best attractions in the world, and they’re nearly as much fun for adults as they are for children!

To the Coast

You can’t visit California without doing as the locals do. And that means: heading to the coast to people watch, swim, and have an all-around chilled night. Though you’ll want to cram in as much into your trip as possible, don’t forget that Cali is a chilled out spot that’s about having fun. Slow down and get into the same groove as the locals. Sounds good!

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