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5 Questions with… Drake Wallace

I came across Drake on Instagram, and my first thought was “Wow! This dude knows how to take a photo!” my second thought was “he is living a life of adventure”. Therefore, I had to get him to take part in our Travel Q&A. So here it is… Prepare to be inspired!

  1. When did you decide to turn your life to travel?

As much as I wish I decided to turn my life into traveling, I actually didn’t. It was something that just happened. Two years ago, a company I was running turned out to be everything opposite of what was promised to me.  After living a complete nightmare for a year at this company, we decided it was time to cut ties and I went on my own way.  Two hours after leaving the company, I was on my way to Hawaii to celebrate my good friend’s wedding.  While I was in the airport my mom called me and said “when you get back from Hawaii do you want to go to Florida?” “Well, I’m free,” was all I had to say. I returned from Hawaii spent a mere six hours at my apartment in Louisville, then headed to Florida.  When I returned from Florida, I did a lot of short trips.  Fast forward 3 months I had spent 6 days at my apartment I decided to move out of my apartment and travel to further destinations for longer periods of time. Well, I’ve been traveling for 20 months now.

  1. What does travel give you that everyday life doesn’t?

Travel gives me freedom:  the freedom, to wake up and do whatever I want, the freedom, from possessions that hold me back from doing anything I want to do, and the freedom, to book a plane ticket and go anywhere in the world I want to go to.  Freedom to me, is the key to happiness.

  1. What is your best tip for someone wanting to pack in their 9-5 and turn their life to travel?

Honestly, I would suggest to not do it if you don’t like yourself.  What I mean by that is, I travel alone most of the time, and you most likely will at some point too.  I spend days, even weeks, alone.  While you’re alone, your mind is going to wander and take you to places that you haven’t been in a long time. You’re going to think about that time in third grade when you tripped someone in class.  You’re going to think about all the skeletons in your closet.  You have to be a strong enough person to be able to handle that.

  1. What do you wish you knew at the start of your travels that you know now?

I wish I would have known how to budget and how to travel cheaply.  My travels just sort of built up into what it is today.  When I was out in Hawaii, with no intentions of turning traveling into a full-time gig, I was spending money like crazy.  I spent $3,000 in ten days.  Now, $3,000 can last me four to six months

  1. How do you build a social life outside of work when in a foreign country?

I am an extremely social person and meeting new people and making new friends is not hard for me.   It is one of my favorite things about traveling.  I have had a lot of luck with staying social in hostels, and I believe that they are an excellent way to meet likeminded people.  Most individuals that are staying in hostels are 18-30 years old.  They all are traveling, and most of the time they are traveling from a different country so, they don’t know many people either.  I put myself in as many group settings and activities as I can in foreign countries.   These activities are always nice ice breakers to start conversations with people.

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Drake Wallace

Drake Wallace

Not many people can say that they lived out of a car for two years and lived to talk about it. After ditching the corporate world, Drake decided to live on his savings and travel the world. After starting off with a bang in Hawaii then trekking through South America, Drake became a National Park Geek and dominated North America. His camera and car became his best friend. There wasn’t a plan, just a car and the road ahead. Today, Drake can be found behind his camera or giving out road tripping advice to anyone that will listen.
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