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We’ve been following Chris (stokedfortravel) on Instagram for a few years, back when his handle was BackPackerBanter! His account is full of ‘WOW’ shots – if you’re a fan of photography and travel you will love his posts, if you’re a surfer you will love it even more – go check it out! Do it now!

As well as sharing his journey on the gram, Chris regularly updates his blog with reviews of places he has stayed, the gear he uses and in-depth articles on making the most of a destination. The blog is great and full of awesome content.

See Chris’ answers to our 5 questions below… Enjoy!

1. When did you decide to turn your life to travel?

Hmm, that’s a tough one to pin down…it just kind of happened! Haha! My surfing has always driven my travelling (and one of the reasons I headed to Australia on my first big trip) and it just snowballed from there. The big push was 2011 though when I decided that I was heading to NZ on a working holiday visa for 2 years, I never made it there for the visa (I did manage to make it there a few times though for other trips!) and that was like…6 years ago now!

2. What does travel give you that everyday life doesn’t?

Freedom, time and excitement are the first things that spring to mind. I have the freedom to base myself where I want and do what I want and by not having 40 hours a week sitting in an office working for someone else I have the time to work on my own stuff and take advantage of opportunities or projects that present themselves. And travelling does put you in a position where you come across those a lot!

Excitement-wise it’s all about not knowing really what will happen on a day to day basis. Last week I was surfing in the Maldives and then randomly ended up on a cheap flight to Australia, where I’m not kicking back in a van I bought!

3. What is your best tip for someone wanting to pack in their 9-5 and turn their life to travel?

Prepare but also don’t over prepare! Don’t leave with no plan, you’ll smash through your funds way quicker than you expect and working on the road doesn’t just happen overnight. Use your free time whilst you have an income to put together a plan, get some extra skills (like an online TEFL course) and figure out what you want to do. The other side of this is the time to hit the road will never be perfect, so don’t stall it to the point you never get started!

4. What do you wish you knew at the start of your travels that you know now?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one too. Personally, I think budgeting is probably the biggest thing – learning how to balance your finances and be self-supportive is always a big learning curve! I was pretty good at doing that before I travelled (its show I saved to go!) but travelling took that to the next level.

5. How do you build a social life in a foreign country?

Bars and hostels are usually a really good place to start – after all, a lot of people are in the same boat so to speak so it’s easy to meet them in those places. The longer you spend in a place the easier it gets though, meeting friends of friends – it all snowballs. Lately, I’ve been bouncing around the same few spots for a lot of my time (Bali, Australia, Thailand) and have quite a few really good friends there, so I just kinda slot back in when I land again!

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