5 Considerations when booking a holiday

With the internet, it’s so simple to book a holiday, all it takes are a few clicks and you’re all set for your next adventure. Easy! The process of booking a holiday in 2018 may be simplified but there are still things to deliberate ensuring you have your dream escape.

Here, we look at 5 important things to consider before clicking that buy button.

1. Budget

Money isn’t everything but when it comes to booking a holiday it is a very important factor. Your budget has an influence on the other considerations; destination, date & duration. If you have a low budget you will want to cut costs wherever possible. One of the most effective ways to reduce expenses is by finding a cheap flight. Depending on where you go the flight is likely to be the single biggest expense so finding a cheap flight will certainly help keep the costs down.

If you consider your budget and realise you can’t go to the other side of the world then you can concentrate on finding a destination which isn’t too far away or has cheap accommodation. Alternatively, if your budget will allow you to fly anywhere, then your options are very much open.

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All countries have something to offer, however, if you don’t get to travel very often you want to visit somewhere you will really love. Therefore, it is important to conduct research. Perhaps begin by creating a shortlist of 5 places you’d love to visit. Then consider what you would like to do on your holiday and see if you can do it in each destination. Whichever destinations don’t provide the experience(s) you are looking for strikethrough them and save them for next time.

Have a look at your budget and figure out whether the cost of flights, accommodation, food and experiences at your shortlisted destination fits within your budget, if it does then you may have found your destination.

3. Date

Do you want to go away during peak season? When the destination will be at its most crowded with holidaymakers and school children – maybe not. Do you want to miss your best friend’s 30th birthday? – hmm probably shouldn’t. It’s important to select a date where you have no other engagements (if you can), in addition travelling during the off-season can provide an opportunity to save money on flights and accommodation. For example, a safari in Zambia during the off-season can be 20% cheaper than during the peak season, it may be a bit wetter but with that comes a whole new experience.

If you are happy to holiday at peak times then go for it but if you’d rather a quieter (and slightly cheaper trip) then look to the school holiday calendar and go during the school term.

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4. Duration

How long will you go for? A weekend getaway? Two weeks in the sun? Or 6 months backpacking? It is necessary to determine this, as unless you are going indefinitely you will need to book a return flight. For most, what influences this decision will be holiday allocation from work – if you only have 8 days’ holiday then you know to come back in time for work.

If you are not restricted by a job, consider things which you may want to be ‘home’ for; Christmas, your mum’s birthday, a family holiday, things like that. Or work out how long it will be until your money runs out and you need to come back and start working again to fund the next trip!

5. Visa & Passport Requirements

Last on the list but not last to be considered is visa & passport requirements. When looking at destinations you should research visa and passport requirements and probably vaccinations too – you may be surprised at how many countries require vaccinations.

The last thing you want to happen is to book your holiday and then realise you need a passport with 4 blank pages – you have 0 – and only days before departure, leaving no time to get a new passport. Research, research, research!

Before you book your next adventure consider these 5 points to ensure you have the perfect trip and avoid any nasty surprises at the airport! Bon Voyage!


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  1. I have the most problem in terms of date because when the holidays comes there’s a bunch of people also having their holidays and most of the cheap flights are booked.

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