5 awesome reasons to take leave and visit Australia

In the present time, each day seems to be a war that makes you battle for survival.  So, why not give yourself a break and hop out of that hamster wheel? Put down all the burdens and toxic thoughts even for a week or two and enjoy life to the fullest.

Jump up and down, shake your body and give it a little pause from the bustle of workloads, stress, and the feeling of striving hard to have a worthy living life. How about planning your grandest travel of the year? A short trip to Australia?

Yes! That might be the right-est decision you could ever make. Australia is an absolutely awesome place (my fingers are crossed hoping you would get the humor I made in the word “Awesome”).

Why Australia? Simply because this country can instantly make you feel that life is better when enjoyed and cherished.

So, are you ready? Buckle up and get ready for your AUSome ride. Here are the reasons why you should include Australia in your bucket list.

  1. It is the world’s smallest continent yet the 6th biggest country. Small but Incredible!

Australia for me is more than just a place of happily hopping and jumping kangaroos and amazingly cute tree-hanging koalas. It is one of the largest countries in purpose – and that is to house all the wonders of nature and extravagant structures.

To picture Australia is like thinking of a room with a variety of windows, each offers a different scenery for a person to indulge in.  Just imagine you are sitting in that room contemplating how life can be challenging and yet there you are, surviving and striving to get your goals.

And that is the great advantage of visiting the abundant place Australia. You would have a chance to contemplate about life and of course about the burdens you are carrying – a simple “me time” means a lot to yourself.

To think that Australia is a large country, you might as well, do a lot of careful research about the best hotels /accommodation, gyms or health, and fitness centers, recreation, beaches, restaurants and bars, and so on. It is filled with astonishing destinations that everyone would love.

But be patient enough and expect that there would be a long list of choices. Well, what do you expect? Australia is just so like that.

kangaroos, australia

  1. It offers natural places where you can restore and refresh yourself

To find restoration and refreshment of the mind and the soul is like finding a needle in the vast ocean.  By visiting Australia, I can guarantee you that you will be physically, psychologically, and mentally restored. Several studies proved how nature can be considered as a natural restorative factor, so, why not give it a try?

Australia has natural wonders that would really take your breath away. The places are so wonderful that you would think you are in your sweetest dream. In fact, many of its natural wonders had been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Isn’t that AUSome?

However, if you are not appreciative of the beauty and wonders of nature, I don’t guarantee you that a trip to Australia is best suited for you.  But don’t lose hope because the AUSome Australia don’t want you to miss the “Authentic Aussie Feels and Experience”.

Australians also known to be happy by doing such activities that are a trend nowadays – it has a variety of restaurants and bars, recreation centres, beaches for the summer lovers, and so on.

You don’t really want to miss this opportunity, trust me. Not every country is filled with both natural and man-made places/things for human happiness.

  1. It is a healthy and fit country

That is true, Australia is one of the healthiest and fittest countries in the universe. No wonder because it is surrounded by a vast body of water. So, if you want to take away your stress and toxic thoughts, why not plan a visit or a short trip to Australia and go surfing, hiking, swimming whatever you could do under the smiling sun – besides it has a wonderful climate.

You wouldn’t find yourself stuck in your hotel room because it is a place that has almost everything for you to try – it is just in your sole discretion if you want to go beyond your boundaries and give yourself a little taste of pleasure and adventure.

australia opera house

  1. Australians are friendly and nice

The spectacular and wonderful places are not just the riches of Australia – hence its people also. Aussies are approachable and warm enough to talk to.
If you get lost or want to look for the nearest market, you could just approach one person or two to spill the question. Of course, you better be the one to be nice.

Their gaiety and warm smiles are to be treasured because not every country or place is lived by people with respect and cheerfulness.

Who knows that being friends with the Aussies may help you get over through whatever you going through in your life? Don’t just forget to always wear your most beautiful smile and open your biggest heart.

  1. It is one of the happiest places on the globe!

You know what, if Australia would go on a beauty pageant, I think she would go home with the most awards. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

This country is evidently jampacked with blessings, right? Where can you find a place that offers such natural wonders, happy people, magnificent destinations and whatever you want to find? Okay, Australia is “almost perfect”, accept that.

According to World Happiness Report 2018, Australia is in the 10th spot in the latest 2018 happiest country in the world. Who wouldn’t be happy in a land that could almost sustain all your needs and pleasures, right? Hmmm, I’m in the process of migrating, just kidding.

Happiness has no boundaries, and life is limited. It is all up to you on how to spend every minute and years of it. Making yourself a little favor is not a sin, you sometimes deserve to go around and witness the beauty of the planet you are living in.

So, when are you planning to take a leave and visit Australia? Let me know.

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