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4 Useful Tips For Working While Traveling

Smart travelers set off on their adventures with a healthy bank balance, so they can stay away for as long as possible. Committed travelers work while they’re abroad, so they can travel the world forever. Working while traveling is much more than just pouring drinks in a tin shack bar. From blogging to affiliate marketing, here are my top tips for making money while you go around the world.

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Pick an ideal destination for digital nomads

One of the key reasons for working while traveling is that your office is no longer four walls and a water cooler. Your travels open you up to a world of possibility for your work environment, but some destinations support the life of a digital nomad better than others. To make the combination of work and travel as enjoyable as possible, pick an ideal destination for digital nomads.

Thailand has traditionally been the mecca of working while traveling. Bangkok is developed, cheap for living, offers great Wi-Fi, and has all the things you associate with a tropical paradise. Portugal’s second city, Porto has a wonderful nomad community, with lots of groups set up to help remote workers connect and find work.

Bangkok and Porto are just two of the places that are ideal for working remotely – pick any continent and you’re almost guaranteed to find a great place to work while traveling, all you need to do is find the best one(s) for you.

Create and then monetize a travel blog

Traveling blogging is as old as blogs. Making money from travel blogging is just as old and it’s an ideal way for you to combine working and adventuring.

Setting up a blog is the simple part. You can build a blog in five minutes using WordPress and have it live at minimal hassle and cost. Monetizing your blog takes a little longer, but there are a few tips to cutting down the length of your journey:

  • Optimize your content to drive help drive traffic to your blog
  • Sell advertising, CPC, CPM, or banner adverts are ideal
  • Turn your blog posts into an ebook and charge people to download it
  • Add a paywall to your blog
  • Charge external sites to guest post on your blog

Turning your blog into a way of working while traveling is all about getting visitors to your site. For more tips on how to get visitors to your blog, check out the great video below:

Select technology that cuts down your workload

Many people find traveling appealing because it takes them away from technology, back into a less cluttered and less busy way of living. Working while traveling makes it essential that you keep in touch with technology. However, you can keep your use of tech at a minimum by selecting tools to do much of your work for you.

Chatbots are a great way of getting tech to work for you, by acting as your customer service rep. You can use a tool like ChatBot to answer questions and take actions on your behalf. Automation software is another timesaving device. Software like SendinBlue lets you automate your emails and SMS messages, while Hootsuite streamlines your social media accounts.

Select the right tools and software to support your work and you’ll have more time to focus on your traveling.

Create a source of passive income with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways for people to work while traveling. You find a profitable industry niche, create optimized product reviews, then earn passive income from the commission you get when your blog visitors purchase an item you’ve reviewed. Setting up a source of passive income with affiliate marketing is my top tip for working while traveling.

To get a niche that can bring you an income, you’ll need to find an industry with good search volume, high value products (that people are buying), and a lack of review websites.

  • To help find a niche, use keyword research tools, like SEMrush, Google Trends, and Serpstat
  • To establish if products in that niche are selling, use Jungle Scout to get the Amazon sales figures
  • To check how many review websites are already in operation, check Google

BornCute is one of the gold standards of affiliate marketing websites. BornCute has a huge number of reviews, in an evergreen industry (children and baby toys), and is extremely well optimized for SEO.

The very best affiliate marketers generate a passive income that allows them to travel the world, while only checking in occasionally on their website. Check out the video underneath for more tips on how you can start an affiliate marketing website:

Working while traveling lets you extend your travels indefinitely, if you get the balance right and work smart and in the right places. Take my tips away, map out how you’ll combine working and traveling, then book your flight and make it a reality.

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