4 reasons Africa should be your next continent to visit

There’s a lot that can be said for Africa. It’s home to so many different species of flora and fauna, as well as being one of the most megadiverse places that you can visit in the world as a result. Its history spans back tens of thousands of years, being home to the greats from Nelson Mandela way back to Tutankhamun. With 54 countries to take your pick from, this continent also takes the title of having the most places to visit – Asia is a close second with 48 countries. But what other reasons are there for visiting?

Sun, Sun, Sun

There’s probably no other place in the world that you are guaranteed warm weather throughout the majority of the year. Botswana boasts 300 days of pure sun a year – although there is a rainy period, the green season, between November and March. This is where the landscape transforms from dusty plains into a lush, green wonderland where animals thrive. Wildebeest and antelopes use this as their breeding season, so paired with all of the new babies making their way around as well as such a beautiful landscape, it’s a photographer’s dream.

Animals Galore

If you’ve always wanted to go on safari, then obviously Africa should be your first port of call. Reptiles, mammals large and small and birds galore – what more could you want? Don’t forget that Madagascar is a part of Africa, which offers a safe haven where only certain types of animals have ever been found. You could spot the rarest duck in the world, the Madagascar Pochard, which has fewer than 100 left out in the wild of its species, and with fifty different types of lemur to tick off, you’ll be seeing stripes for days.

The True Originals

As aforementioned, there are certain places within Africa that are listed as being megadiverse in the terms of plants and animals that you can find there. The Democratic Republic of Congo is just one of them; there are 10,000 plant species available in DRC, and 3,000 of those are endemic to the country. That’s a massive amount of originality that they’re offering! It would take you a lifetime to discover even half of what’s to be found there.

Rainforests, Rivers, Deserts and Mountains…

What a lot of people tend to forget when they think of Africa is that it’s not just one big country. It’s a massive continent that spans across the equator, offering a pretty consistent hot climate for the majority of the time. Within its huge number of countries, there’s everything from jungles to rivers (with the Nile being the longest in the world, although this open to debate) for you to take advantage of. You certainly won’t be stuck for different scenery if you travel across the continent, with such famous sights as the Pyramids of Giza, Mount Kilimanjaro and Victoria Falls being just some of the astounding things that you can catch a glimpse of depending on which country you’re in.

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2 thoughts on “4 reasons Africa should be your next continent to visit”

  1. Hi Rory,
    Noticed that you haven’t blog since Sept 2019. Hope everything is going well for you. Happy New Year to you btw! Africa is probably one of the continent that I am dying to set foot on. I love animal sanctuaries and the wild life! But sadly it cost me a bomb to travel to Africa as I live in Asia (Singapore to be specific). So I am still saving up! I understand that you’re currently based in Africa, how is everything there? Years ago I watched some television series featuring Johannesburg as one of the most dangerous places in the world, has it all changed now? Pardon me yah, I am not well travelled. Only had experience around Asia!

    1. Hi janice,
      Everything is fine, thanks. Global pandemic aside. No, I haven’t blogged in a while, in fact, I have neglected the blog somewhat and really should pick it up again. I would highly recommend saving and visiting Africa, the safari experience is unbeatable! You can definitely stay safe in Johannesburg so I wouldn’t let a television series put you off the city but if you were visiting Africa you wouldn’t necessairlygo to Joburg so don’t let that put you off! 🙂

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