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4 places to see on the second trip to Los Angeles

When you think of a trip to Los Angeles, Hollywood is the first thing to come to mind. The Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, and the chance to spot a celebrity draw a lot of tourists to the area but that’s only a small amount of what Los Angeles has to offer. If you think you’ve done it all before and you don’t think it’s worth going back, maybe you should reconsider. There are plenty of other great attractions to see. Check out these great ideas for things to do on the second visit to Los Angeles.

Knott’s Berry Farm

If you’re a thrillseeker, you should definitely head to Knott’s Berry Farm. It’s a great theme park in Los Angeles complete with amazing rollercoasters, a waterpark and loads of restaurants and bars to eat in. Most people go to Florida if they want theme parks but Knott’s Berry Farm is just as good. It’s just a few miles from the Holiday Inn La Mirada where you can get a cheap room. The park is pretty big so it’ll occupy you for a couple of days at least, especially if you spend some time in the waterpark as well. The other major benefit is that it’s cheaper than some of the more well-known theme parks in the US.

santa monica, LA

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is another iconic Los Angeles destination that you should definitely visit if you didn’t get there the first time around. You can sunbathe or take a relaxing walk along the beach, go surfing or take a bike ride along the cycle path that stretches all the way to Torrance. If you don’t get the chance to get out to Knott’s Berry Farm, there are some rides along the pier which, while not as good as a full theme park, can quench your thirst for adventure. In the evenings, you can eat and drink at one of the many great restaurants and bars along the pier and enjoy a show from one of the street performers that you’ll find up and down the pier all day long.

Griffith Observatory

Anybody that has a keen interest in science should visit the Griffith Observatory while they’re in Los Angeles. You can look through the telescopes they have there and see the stars in all their glory. The observatory also holds loads of great exhibitions on space and the Earth. Every day, the theatre shows educational films about the universe that are both informative and entertaining. The Griffith Observatory makes for a great day out that’s a little different from anything else you’ll find in Los Angeles.

getty centre, LA

Getty Centre

The Getty Centre is the best place for a culture injection while you’re in Los Angeles. It houses a collection of artwork, sculptures and photographs from across Europe and America. The exhibitions change regularly so even if you went there on your first trip, it’s worth seeing again. As well as all of the artwork inside, the building itself is a spectacular architectural sight which is makes the trip worth it for itself.

Don’t write off Los Angeles after your first trip, there are loads more things to see the second time around.

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