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3 U.S. cities you really need to visit

America is a stunning country but it’s also immense. Where on earth do you begin when visiting this huge place? Even if you’re American, you’ve probably seen a very small portion of everything the country has to offer. Well, it’s probably time to spread your wings and explore a little more of the United States. Here are the 3 U.S. cities you really need to visit.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in California. In fact, it might be the most beautiful city. Whilst it may not always be as warm or lavish as Los Angeles, San Francisco is bursting at the seams with culture and exciting events. Obviously, you need to admire the monumental Golden Gate Bridge whilst you’re there but there’s far more to San Francisco than this iconic landmark. You can walk across the bridge in half an hour. You’ll have plenty of time to spare to experience the rest of the city; and there’s a lot to experience, despite its relatively compact size.

You should walk through the streets and simply admire the city as you go; its magnificent Victorian homes are beautiful. Not many cities have such breathtaking residential areas. Lombard Street is obviously worth seeing whilst you’re there; it’s a beautiful winding street that might be a nightmare for drivers but is a visual delight for pedestrians. The island of Alcatraz is also well worth visiting. It’s more than the home of an abandoned prison. The history lessons are fascinating but the beautiful gardens and flourishing ecosystem on the island are wonderful too.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas may not be the capital of Texas but it might as well be. That’s nothing against Austin, of course, but the city of Dallas is packed full of culture both contemporary and historical. It’s also packed full of exciting things to do along with existing things to see. You could stay in the Wyndham Garden Dallas North hotel whilst you’re there. It’s a good idea to stay somewhere with all the right amenities in the best location to reach all the nearby attractions, and North Dallas is certainly the hub of everything fun that’s going on in the city. You should head to the Museum of Biblical Art whilst you’re there to see some beautiful Jewish and Christian art. You’ll learn a lot from the ancient bibles and religious sculptures you’ll find on display.

As for the rest of Dallas, there’s an endless array of things to see in the city. You probably won’t have time to see everything whilst you’re there, in fact, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. It’s a city known for both barbecues and Mexican cuisine and that combination of multiple cultures really speaks volumes about the nature of this intriguing city. You should definitely head to Dallas around the end of September to catch the State Fair of Texas. This annual event has been held every year for well over a century. It involves the very popular Red River Shootout; that’s well worth a watch.

Annapolis, Maryland

The final city on this list is one you might never have considered visiting before. The capital of Maryland is absolutely stunning. The old architecture isn’t just visually appealing but it’s drenched in history. The beautiful Annapolis Inn, for example, was once the home of the famous figure known as Thomas Jefferson. And that’s only the start of the beautiful things you can experience in this city; you’ll have to visit it to see for yourself.

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