3 easy ways to de-stress while on the move

Your health is very important, and there are countless ways in which it can be negatively affected. In my opinion, stress is one of the biggest health problems out there nowadays. We live in a stressful world where many things can impact the way we feel. Now, you don’t need to be a doctor to know that stress causes a load of different issues, both mental and physical.

So, the key is learning how to de-stress, but how can you do this? Some people say you should go to a spa or get a nice long massage, but what if you don’t have time for any of this? How can you de-stress while on the move? Feel free to try out my ideas and see if they make a difference to you:

Consider Taking Up Vaping

Now, some of you might think this is a bad idea as vaping looks a lot like smoking – which is obviously terrible for your health. However, there are a few massive differences between e-cigarettes and actual cigarettes. The first is that they contain none of the bad toxins and things in the actual cigarettes. Secondly, all you’re really doing is heating up an e-liquid and inhaling the water vapour. Most of these e-liquids don’t even contain nicotine, so they’re not harmful at all. Basically, you can use vaping as a way to just take deep breaths and relax a bit when you’re on the move. There’s something therapeutic to the way it feels, and you can do it safely in the knowledge that your health isn’t at risk. Think about it, loads of people smoke to try and de-stress. This is pretty much a safe replication of that, minus the bad stuff and addictive ingredients!

woman listening to music

Listen To Calming Sounds

If you’re like me, then certain things kickstart feelings of anxiety and stress. As someone who travels a lot, I can safely say that getting on trains, planes, or buses will cause a fair bit of stress – especially when you’re running on a time limit. The same can be said for anyone that’s trying to go to work during rush hour on a packed train, it’s hardly the most calming experience ever. How can you de-stress in a crowded environment on public transport? Pop your headphones in, fire up Spotify, and listen to a playlist full of calming sounds. You’ll be stunned at how this helps you relax, lower your heart rate, and just feel the stress fade away.

Get A Fitbit

First off, this isn’t an advert for Fitbit, it’s simply the product that popped into my mind as I’ve used one before. Essentially, one of these fitness bands will help you de-stress as they come with a deep breathing feature. You turn it on, and it teaches you to inhale and exhale nice and deeply. The best thing is, you will literally see your heart rate decline, which makes you feel far less stressed. So, find a fitness band with this feature, and you can use it when you’re on the move.

There you go; three easy ways to de-stress while on the move! Try them out, and let me know if they make you feel better.

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