3 Adventure Holiday Pastimes to Get Your Pulse Racing

Any type of travel can change your life in amazing ways, whether opening your eyes to new cultures and ways of doing things that you’d never considered, or letting you forge the kind of memories with your friends or family that will last you throughout your whole life.

Of course, while travel is great in general, there are certain high-octane, adrenaline-junkie pastimes you can get up to while exploring a new place that can either turn your hair white, give you the greatest rush of your life, or both at the same time.

If you’re into the more extreme side of travel, keep an eye out for opportunities to try these activities while you’re next out and about.

Go cage diving and get up close to some sharks

Whale watching tours are extremely popular because they allow us to see some of the most majestic creatures on earth in their natural habitat. Seeing the graceful and powerful whales makes us feel more connected to the essential rhythms and essence of nature, it inspires a sense of awe in the whales themselves, and it naturally leads us to think about the way we interact with our environment.

Now, shark dives, on the other hand, also get us in touch with one of the most iconic creatures on earth, up close and personal, in their natural habitat.

The only thing is, the feelings you’re likely to experience are probably a bit less “mother earth is a benevolent goddess” and a whole lot more “I’ve never been so scared in my entire life, this thing wants to eat me.”

Everywhere you can find sharks, you can find shark cage dives being run as a tourist attraction. The way it generally works is that you and the other victims get on a boat, travel out to see, them someone chums the water and you get lowered in a cage, with SCUBA gear, under the water to see jaws face to face.

Go hang gliding for a bird’s eye perspective on the world

There are a lot of amazing ways to experience the world, but few of them are quite as incredible, and terrifying, as being attached a contraption that looks like it was put together in some teen’s bedroom, and sent gliding high over the land.

Hang gliding is an incredible experience, because it’s about as raw as human flight could ever be. There are no motors, no fancy works of electrical engineering, just the hang glider itself, you, and — unless you’re a pro – the professional who’s strapped to the hang glider with you, and it piloting the thing.

The sense of danger here is very real, but so is the sense of awe at riding the wind and seeing the world below spread out like a map.

Go wreck diving to see the mystery of the ocean up close

SCUBA diving is an experience that everyone who’s able should try out. If you’re really into excitement and like the idea of braving the terrors of the deep, however, you might want to look into serious wreck diving.

Wreck dives are pretty dangerous. The more daring ones can be extremely dangerous. And no licensed SCUBA group will take you on a wreck dive unless you’ve logged a good number of hours underwater, and have undergone additional SCUBA qualifications.

Nonetheless, if you’ve got the patience, time, and money to spend getting qualified, there’s little that will make you feel as much like an action hero as swimming past and through an enormous shipwreck.

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