honeymoon ideas

Why self catering is the way to go for a honeymoon

Your honeymoon gifts you with the perfect opportunity to utterly overindulge. The special vacation represents a chance for you and your partner to spend some quality time together as newlyweds. You can celebrate your wedding and treat yourselves as much […]

chicago illinois skyline

C’mon, feel the Illinois!

Have you ever been to the Midwest? It may not be the most popular area to head to in America as most people are too focused on the country’s coastline. Sure, the like of New York City and San Francisco […]

5 awesome reasons to take leave and visit Australia

In the present time, each day seems to be a war that makes you battle for survival.  So, why not give yourself a break and hop out of that hamster wheel? Put down all the burdens and toxic thoughts even […]

vacation on the road

The benefits of a vacation on the road

Road trips have always been a very popular form of travel for people around the world. Since the advent of motor vehicles, people have been pushing the limits of adventure with these sorts of machines, spanning entire countries instead of […]

wind passion

Wind Passion

A wrist without a bracelet or a watch is a naked wrist to me. I have no problem with nudity (in fact, I am all for it) but I like my wrists to be covered. A watch on my right […]

stoked for travel

5 Questions with… Chris | Stoked for Travel

We’ve been following Chris (stokedfortravel) on Instagram for a few years, back when his handle was BackPackerBanter! His account is full of ‘WOW’ shots – if you’re a fan of photography and travel you will love his posts, if you’re a […]

eating in dallas

The best places to eat in Dallas

Dallas is one of those places which everyone has heard of but not many of us have necessarily been to ourselves. When it comes to thinking about the South of the USA, Texas is one of the frost states which […]


Have a Honky Tonk holiday in Nashville

Nashville earned the name “Athens of the South” in the 1800’s and is a cultural capital of the American South. This local culture has turned Nashville into a popular destination for tourists or anyone needing a quick holiday. There are […]

travel planning

Preparing for a year of travelling

If you love travelling then a 2-week vacation to a sunny resort might not be enough for you. You might be looking for a longer adventure that takes you to numerous destinations. Everybody loves relaxing on a warm and sunny […]