atlas mountains

Trekking review: Atlas Mountains

After reaching out to the trekkers in my own community, I was a bit undecided between the trekking trails of Morocco or New Zealand. Well, the quick and environmentally supportive decision was taken in favour of the Atlas Mountains of […]

What’s in store for your next short break?

Travel planning can be a lot of fun. And there’s always going to be a full range of different factors that go into the decisions you make. From where you want to go to what you want to see, you’ll […]

chicago illinois skyline skyscrapers

Marvelling at the Midwest: 7 of the best cities

When people come to travelling around the United States of America, there are certain cities which tend to top the bill. New York, LA, San Francisco, Washington DC. But the Midwest of America is an often overlooked area, which is […]

Camper van

Making your camper van adventure a success

Got your heart set on an epic camper adventure? Whether you’re staying local or crossing continents, it’s worth doing a bit research before you buy a van and set off. Here are some success tips for planning the ultimate camper […]

los angeles

4 places to see on the second trip to Los Angeles

When you think of a trip to Los Angeles, Hollywood is the first thing to come to mind. The Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, and the chance to spot a celebrity draw a lot of tourists to the area […]

3 easy ways to de-stress while on the move

Your health is very important, and there are countless ways in which it can be negatively affected. In my opinion, stress is one of the biggest health problems out there nowadays. We live in a stressful world where many things […]


How to satiate your wanderlust

Ever heard of “Wanderlust”? If you’re reading this post, chances are that you’ve felt it at some point or another. Wanderlust is essentially a strong desire to travel the world. An innate affinity with travel. Those with wanderlust want to […]

48 hours in Richmond, Virginia, this summer

Richmond is the best of the city and the best of the country. Whether you’re looking to spend your day floating down the river with a local brew in hand or you’re walking down the streets of The Fan district […]