The best things to do while in London

If you are planning on visiting London, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the things to do, see, and enjoy! There is something for everyone: from the museums and the shops to the sports venues and the adventure activities. England’s […]

road less travelled

Take the road less travelled for a relaxing retreat

America is renowned for its potential when it comes to planning a road trip. The first place to spring to people’s minds? Route 66. Otherwise known as the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America, or the Mother Road, […]

3 national parks that you need to visit

The United States has a lot of national parks. Some of them span millions of acres, and some are much smaller. However, if you are looking for a vacation that will help you reconnect with nature, then you want to […]

Top experiences in Bolivia you don’t want to miss

Bolivia is one of the most varied countries out there. You will probably have a hard time finding more variations of terrain in a single place and the huge mountain peaks often get lost in the dense clouds that overlook […]

5 awesome reasons to venture to Montana this winter

There are fewer places on the planet that are geared up quite so perfect for outdoor enthusiasts than Montana. If you love nothing more than breathing in the cool crisp air, feeling your calves ache after a day’s hiking and […]

Zoning in on your Zen spirituality during travel

There are few things in life that can rival the majesty of swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman or the sublimity of roaming the open plains on Safari in Africa amongst the wildlife. Whether you carefully plan your travel for quiet solo trips […]

Give These Neglected U.S. States A Chance!

There are so many reasons to visit the USA if you ever the get the chance. Heck, even if you’re a born and bred American yourself it can often feel like you’re never going to get the chance to experience […]

traveling with kids

Traveling long distance with kids

Traveling long distance can be tough. Traveling with kids can be a nightmare. So, the two together, well that could potentially be a little tricky. Children struggle to sit still at the best of times, never mind when they are […]

3 Adventure Holiday Pastimes to Get Your Pulse Racing

Any type of travel can change your life in amazing ways, whether opening your eyes to new cultures and ways of doing things that you’d never considered, or letting you forge the kind of memories with your friends or family […]