san fransisco

3 U.S. cities you really need to visit

America is a stunning country but it’s also immense. Where on earth do you begin when visiting this huge place? Even if you’re American, you’ve probably seen a very small portion of everything the country has to offer. Well, it’s […]

Barmy about beaches?

We all travel for different reasons. For the keenest travelers, excursions and experiences are the primary focus. For others, vacations are about kicking back and reading all those books which have been piling up. And, for some of us, a […]

The attention accommodation deserves

When we’re planning a trip, we face two primary considerations – where we’re going, and where we’re staying. The majority of us focus on our destinations themselves. After all, you can make the best of anything in a stunning setting, […]

austin, texas

3 little-known US state capitals you won’t want to miss

If someone tells you they are going to the US on holiday, you will likely assume that they are going to one of the following: California; San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. Florida; Miami, Disneyworld, etc. New York; Manhattan, Brooklyn, etc. […]

Tips for choosing the best rental car for a road trip

Hitting the open road, seeing the sights in every state, even the kids saying “are we there yet?”–it’s all part of the American road trip experience. Snapping a few pictures by state line signs, looking for the weirdest roadside attractions […]

Think you know Florida? Think again

There are plenty of places in the USA that are perfect destinations for any trip that you might want to take. Whether you’re taking a long road trip or you just want a weekend away, it can often be kind […]

family holiday

5 frequently forgotten items on a family vacation

The fall getaway is an intriguing and appealing prospect for many couples and families. Perhaps you didn’t get the chance to get away over summer and are so sick of hearing people at work go on and on about their […]

be insured for the slopes

Are you ready for a winter sports holiday?

Whilst some dream of lounging in the sun by the pool, others want nothing more than to head to the slopes for a week or two. Whether this is your first time or your fiftieth, there are plenty of activities […]