baltimore, maryland

Unique US cities you might not think to visit

When you book your trip to the US, you might already have a list of popular tourist destinations that you want to see. For most travelers, these include cities such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Sure, these […]

amazing camping

The joys of camping

Camping is not something that should be just viewed as a cheap alternative to other holidays; it is a wonderful experience that people in all situations can enjoy. First of all, there is a fantastic sense of freedom in being […]

daytona beach

Exploring Florida’s vibrant nightlife

Florida has countless destinations for those seeking nightlife. There are plenty of cosy locations to have a drink and a delicious meal, but if you’re a party animal then there are many locations for you to get your groove on […]

kayaking florida

Outdoor adventures Florida style

Florida has to be one of the most appealing U.S. states and one of the best vacation destinations on the planet. It’s warm climate, over 650 miles of pristine coastline lapped by azure waters, and it’s stunning coral reefs, and […]