Vacation like royalty: add luxury to your next trip

Everyone wishes they could be whisked away to an island paradise for a week or two, to just break away from the stresses of daily life. Whether the beach is your scene or not, no one can deny the healing […]

Exploring the city of progress and prosperity

Cleveland Ohio, the bastion, and sanctuary of Rock and Roll in America. It’s evidently an American blue collar community that has been going through some brilliant evolutions during the recent decades. Now the city is rivaling its nearest competitor, in […]

where to travel this winter? Alaska

Play it cool – winter warmer destinations

Your vacation doesn’t have to be all adventure destinations and unbearable heat, it can be modest, simple, and cool. Not in the trendy sense, but in the temperature sense! As a vacation destination, it’s not always easy to pick somewhere […]

Why your next vacation should be an adventure

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a vacation where you do little more than relaxing by the pool sipping cocktails and perhaps visit a few of the most prominent tourist attractions, but not every trip you take should be like […]