arizona road trip

The ultimate southern USA road trip?

Taking on a road trip along the southern borders of the United States is an incredible experience that will take you through many different landscapes, cultures, and fantastic food. However, because of the baking hot weather, miles of desert and […]

camping essentials

Stop! Don’t go camping without these must-haves

Think you’re ready to get out there and really enjoy nature? Well, think again. It always pays to double-check everything you’re taking with you, especially for an extended trip. Even if it’s only a short drive to deal with any […]

rickshaw travel

How to immerse yourself into local life while traveling

When you’re travelling around the world and plunging yourself into a country, populace and culture which are completely alien to you, it can be an exhilarating and anxious experience. But to get the best out of the trip, you can’t […]

How to plan your trip around Malaysia

If you’ve decided you’re going to visit Malaysia, make sure to plan your adventure properly. – Here’s how you can do that. Budget Before you plan your trip to Malaysia, it’s a good idea to make a budget. This way […]

The San Juan Islands

The other side of Washington State

Washington State is a big hit amongst tourists from outside the US, but for people that live in the country, it can be a bit dull. Once you’ve seen all of the tourist attractions, there isn’t much else for you […]

Counties fair

The thing about travelling around the UK is that there is so much more on offer than meets the eye. Everyone knows about the famous places to go to such as London and Edinburgh. But Britain is far more than […]