beach in wales

The Unexpected Wealth Of South Wales

The next time you’re looking to get away from it all, you might not have to look so far away from home. Wales isn’t exactly one of the biggest tourist destinations in the UK, but it is easily one of […]

uluru, australia

You’re not an explorer until you’ve seen these places

If you’re young and full of boundless enthusiasm regarding everything the world has to offer, the thought of travelling has likely crossed your mind if you haven’t already done so. Of course, when you want to see everything the world […]

10 hot tips for traveling to Africa

One: Have plenty (and I mean plenty) of US dollars with you. Almost everything is quoted in USD and a lot of tour agencies and Hotels want you to pay with it too. We’ve even been denied the use of […]

Top Reasons Travelling Is Awesome For Animal Enthusiasts

Travelling is an excellent way to see the world and experience cultures that you will never see again. Plus, there is plenty of socialising (cough cough) and partying. What could be better? What about travelling the world while participating in […]


Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

This year, Canada celebrates its 150th year as a Confederate nation, which is basically a big birthday, right? What this means for you is that Canada is the place to be in 2017. If you’re thinking about planning a trip, […]


Five Places To See During Your Year Out

The passive aggressive conflict between Millennials and their Baby Boomer counterparts seems to be becoming more pronounced all the time. With major newspaper publishing opinion pieces like ‘It’s millennials’ turn to take the blame for the downfall of society’, it […]

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Balearic Islands- Which is the one for you?

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from mainland Spain lies a splattering of four islands, known as The Balearic Islands. These islands, even though completely distinctive in style are often shrouded in confusion making them tricky to know […]

Santorini, Greece

Europe’s Top 5 Underrated Countries

When it comes to travelling, few places can match the magnificence of Europe. Other continents may have their benefits, but for sheer diversity, cultural movements, and things to do, it’s hard to look past good old Europe. Yet while many […]

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Beyond Route 66 – Your USA Road Trip Essentials

Travelling is about freedom. You should have the freedom to choose your route or let your route choose you. One of the best ways to enjoy your freedom is to take the wheel – the wheel of the car that […]