Studying in Brazil

What you should know before going to study in Brazil ??

Going on a student exchange is becoming more and more common. Since Erasmus launched [a European agreement which allows students from universities and schools within Europe to go abroad to study for a semester or more] thousands and thousands of […]

the remote trip in Bolivia

The Remote Trip: work while travelling the world

The amount of people becoming or wanting to become a digital nomad is increasing rapidly. Just as popular, are the number of programs that bring together digital nomads to work and travel the world together. These programs are either great launching […]

Drake surf

5 Questions with… Drake Wallace

I came across Drake on Instagram, and my first thought was “Wow! This dude knows how to take a photo!” my second thought was “he is living a life of adventure”. Therefore, I had to get him to take part […]

The Hitched Hikers

Don’t make excuses… Make it happen!

We got married, quit our jobs and booked a one-way flight, here’s why and how you could do the same… We can’t remember the exact time or day we decided it would be a good idea to give up our […]