Leave your comfort zone

5 lessons I learnt when leaving my comfort zone

I used to be very shy – when I say very shy I mean VERY. To the point that I couldn’t go to the bakery (yes, I am french) to buy a baguette without thinking “oh, I’m going to annoy […]

Sally, passport and plates

5 Questions with… Sally | Passport & Plates

Sally launched Passport & Plates in August 2015. In the short amount of time since that first post, she has seen her social following and website traffic explode. Passport & Plates covers many topics that every traveller will find useful. If […]

Dartmouth landscape

Travel without your passport

And this is exactly what I did… for five days in October, when I visited Dartmouth, Devon. A tourist destination on the western bank of the estuary of the River Dart (I didn’t actually need my passport). I spent the […]

Briarne - Her Wanderlust Guide

5 Questions with… Briarne | Her Wanderlust Guide

Briarne has a fantastic following on Instagram – it’s no surprise! Her feed is full of stunning waterfalls, never ending forests, golden beaches and epic landscapes. As well as sharing photos of her travels she also posts insightful content on her […]

dubai bungee jump

Adrenaline Pumping Attractions: Dubai

Fast and furious roller coasters, wet and wild slides, and throwing yourself off a crane from 50-metres in the air are the adrenaline-pumping, heart-stopping attractions we are looking at today. Offering adrenaline junkies more than one opportunity to indulge in […]

Travelling couple - salt in our hair

5 Questions with… Hannah & Nick | Salt in our Hair

Hannah & Nick have been venturing for about a year, covering most of South East Asia. Their Instagram is full of beautiful images and their website has heaps of travel tips and inspirational stories. They took time out of their […]

Art of the Unknown

5 Questions with… Sarah | Art of the Unknown

Travel has been a main priority of Sarah’s over the last few years . A little more than a year, she started working remotely for a company back in California. For the past month she has been staying with a […]