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10 reasons why around the world travel is good for you

Some people release their negative energies by playing sports, exercising, drinking alcohol, listening to music, binge-eating, or – travelling.

While not plausible for some, considering the time and money involved, travelling is an excellent way to maintain a stable mental health and keep the pounds off. Maybe not A LOT of pounds off compared in your weekly spin class sessions, but thanks to travelling; you can still get that heart rate up and produce the much-needed endorphins for a happier and healthier YOU.

I once travelled on a budget and opted walking to get from point A to B, and was actually surprised to see an eye-popping number of 25,000 daily steps for a whole week on my fitness watch! I didn’t even bother counting all the calories I lost!

Needless to say, travelling around the world can be a bit costly. But does cost really matter if our mental health is on the line? When there’s a will, there’s a way, and anyone can travel around the world with proper saving and planning. In the meantime, here are top 10 reasons to convince you that taking that first step in travelling is mighty good for you.

1   Provides Relaxation

One of the main reasons why people travel is to take a breather from the daily stressors in life. Your boss from hell, monthly bills, traffic, or pollution can really take a toll on your overall mental health. It’s good to take a load off from these and travelling can definitely give you a temporary high.

2   Reduces Stress Easily

Returning from an epic travel across the world can boost your mood at home, at work, or wherever! Trust me, I always ensure I have a fresh start by travelling if I feel like I’m swamped with work (or adulting). Because it boosts our mood, coming from an endorphin-filled trip can make us cope with stress easily.

3   Makes you Move

Although travelling may not amount to buckets of sweat from constant walking, it still definitely keeps you healthy by the amount of trekking you do, not to mention, the constant running to catch up with train and flight schedules! The bottom line here is to keep your cardiovascular system happy and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Travelling is a fun way to do both!

4   Exercises Your Brain

Cognitive psychology says that when you’re travelling, you use your brains more often. The complex decision-making involved in travelling is good for mental health. Not only that, you get to play with your creativity!

5   Enhances Communication Skills

I don’t know anyone who ever travelled and never met new people along the way. Travelling gets the most supreme introverts to socialize in the most unexpected times. It definitely allows for more human interactions, ergo, learning a lot of new things from people from all walks of life.

6   Shies You Away from Depression

Studies show that travelling can boost your mood and make you a happier person. If you’ve been in a battle against depression, travelling is one way to win that battle. Because you’re moving all the time, endorphins are released, making every bone in your body feel the elation they’ve been longing for!

7   Lets You Connect with Nature

According to environmental psychology advocates, diverging yourself in nature has three positive effects: decreased stress enhanced mood, and developed cognitive performance. Humans have a special connection with nature, even in the primitive era, we have relied on our environment for survival. Nature and humans have been living side by side evolutionarily, and nature has an unexplainable nurturing effect on human emotion and behaviour.

8   Experience the “Real” Things

Nowadays, it’s easy to get drowned in superficial and materialistic things, and more often than not, we tend to forget what truly makes us happy – things with intrinsic value like making friends, learning new things, eating good food, seeing new places, speaking a new language, or even love. Travelling can teach you all these. Trade your mobile phone usage for a day of scenic sightseeing, and tell me if you don’t feel lighter and fulfilled at the end of the day.

9   Teaches You to be Humble and Grateful

Do you notice how most well-travelled individuals are more level-headed, logical, appreciative, and knowledgeable? Travelling broadens your perspectives and lets you see things in a different light. Sometimes when you return from a trip, you can appreciate the things that you’ve been taking for granted more because some other things across the world have opened your eyes. You learn to be humble and grateful for what you have.

10   Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment

Whenever I travel, I always get this special connection with the place. I always feel like there’s this requited love and appreciation between us. That I’ve made this extra effort to get to know the culture and its people. And that really gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment which I think is really good for my well-being. I hope travelling has the same effect on you!

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