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10 amazing apps to make your travel life easy

Technology has a huge impact on our lives today. It is a means to simplify our fast-paced life by providing us with various facilities at our fingertips. New technologies are helping us make the world a better place to live. Everyone has different types of needs and preferences to make their lives better and technology has come up with some great apps to fulfil our demand.

Current jobs with high salaries leave no time for individuals to enjoy life since people slog day and night to maintain their standard of living. There are some people who take time off their busy schedule to plan a vacation whereas for few it is a hobby. Many people like to visit new places and meet locals and learn to live like them, but for some, it needs to be relaxing, and a break from their busy work lives. Just as each one leads a life of their choice, everyone has their own perceptions of travel.

Modern technology has made travelling much easier due to development of apps that help you choose new places, helps you with flight and hotel bookings and discover new eateries and tourist spots etc. Having the right apps in hand will help make your travel much more enjoyable and hassle-free.                                          

Travel Apps that can be used for planning your holiday along with booking for flights, helps you pack, find the best hotel deals and great places to visit.

1. Hopper – This app works on Android as well as iOS platforms. It not only gives you information about flights and their prices; it also helps you choose your next travel destination. It is the best app to use for frequent travellers as not only do they have a vast directory of all the flights with them but also can predict the fluctuations in the rates of the tickets. This app notifies people about the right time to book flights by giving out timely updates about cheap flights.

The Flex watch feature on Hopper that uses AI technology is similar to a digital travel agent. This feature helps you to choose places you might enjoy along with the flight dates based on your preferences. So, an individual checking out their favorite places may get information about the same or similar places along with the flight details.

2. Hipmunk – Just like Hopper, this app has a flight booking feature and helps you plan your next visit. It has a feature called agony index that displays detailed information about the impending flights such as the number of stops the flight will have along with any other additional features of the flights if any.

Information about hotels such as its distance from the airport, various shopping, dining and places of entertainment is also displayed. People can read any reviews from other sites such as TripAdvisor and plan their adventures accordingly. It also allows people to message through Facebook, Skype or Messenger to ask questions about places that they want to visit.

The app has now been upgraded to display details of what all flights have to offer such as meals and Wi-Fi. The ‘Fare Finder’ feature allows the user to find flights for any destinations over the next six months.

packpoint app

3. PackPoint – Once you decide your travel destination and book the flight tickets, you need to know the essentials needed to be packed for the trip. PackPoint helps you do just that. Once the user enters the travel destination along with the dates and duration of their stay, and the reason for travel, the app creates a packing checklist. The luggage decided by the app is also based on the travel purpose which can be for business or vacation.

The packing list includes clothing required for the visit and is based on factors such as weather and number of days. For instance, if the packing list is being created for a business visit, PackPoint also takes into consideration of any excursions you might have during the course of your business trips such as a beach visit or dinners with associates or clients.

4. Google Trips – Google trips helps you to arrange all the essentials of your trip as it collects all the details right from your starting point, your flight details, travel itinerary from other services and creates a compact travel pack for easy use. It goes through the plan and suggests places to dine and visit during your trip, and helps you plan the whole day easily.

Once the user saves all his travel details, they can access it even without a Wi-Fi connection. A handy app for travelling to places which are not frequently visited and even helps with the booking of cars. This saves lots of paperwork as instead of maintaining all your travel documents in a printed format it saves all the details and allows easy access everywhere even without an internet connection.

5. Google Maps – Now that you have landed at your destination, you need to find a way to your resort or hotel. There may be several apps for maps, but Google Maps seem the best and easiest one to use and the best part is that it works internationally.

 Google Maps is quite trustworthy to find places, landmarks, and restaurants even in remote and crowded places. Since the maps can be downloaded in advance, they can also be accessed offline. It shows you various routes to get to a place along with the traffic that you would encounter. Many times people can even track some new activities being carried out at their locations like a trek or even a roadshow.

All the information on Google Maps is in real time and this is what makes it the most popular tracking app.

air bnb app

6. Airbnb – If you are a person who does not prefer spending money on resorts or hotels but needs something in a similar capacity for less money, Airbnb is the right app for you. It gives information about the pricing of the selected places along with other details such as the owners and facilities of the place.

It connects you with local people who rent their places and, in some cases, may also offer few facilities at a much cheaper rate than booking a room or suite at a hotel. You can spend time as you wish with all the comforts of an actual home. This kind of service is for those frequent or adventure travellers who fly from place to place and do not stop at a particular stop for a long time. Apart from rentals, it also offers you information such as places to eat, book a car and blend in with locals by participating in local events. Few AirBnB rentals come with an added advantage of a cook or a kitchen stuffed with necessities where you can cook for yourself.

hotel tonight app

7. Hotel Tonight – The app is perfect for those last minute travels when you do not have the time to plan your trip or book a place to stay. It offers you hotels with same day reservations at discounted rates.

Many times hotel bookings get cancelled at the last minute or you lose out on a room due to delay in flights or roadways and during all those difficult times, Hotel Tonight comes to the rescue as they offer choices starting from basic to luxury rooms along with pics to go with, offering you 24/7 service.

Bookings can be done at discounted prices at top hotels as well. It is a reliable app where you are sure to get last minute hotel bookings done at fair rates and saves you from stress whenever your hotel bookings go haywire.

8. Waze – Whenever you are visiting a new place, there are times you might not have any idea about the traffic conditions there. This is the right app, that not only allows a GPS tracking but also gives details about traffic laden routes that can be avoided. It is popular among the tourists as well as regular drivers of the route as it gives thorough details of a particular route since this app is been constantly updates with information received from several users.

Apart from best possible routes, it also features automatic rerouting of vehicles in case of hiccups along with gas station alerts. It is not necessary that Waze can be used only during vacations or business trips; even a frequent traveller who has long commuting hours makes use of Waze as it gives traffic-free routes for the person to reach the destination quickly.

9. Roadtrippers – If you are interested in road trips to offbeat locations then Roadtrippers is an app for you. It is the perfect app to plan those impromptu trips you would like with your friends and plan everything on the way. It helps in planning the itinerary, discover new locations and plan the routes to reach them.

This app allows the information to be shared with your family and friends. It helps you to find undiscovered locations along with restaurants and hotels and even campsites on the way. Another important feature is that it draws a roadmap for the whole trip, making your trip much more hassle-free. This is the best app for people who love camping and going on road trips.

trip it travel app

10.TripIt – When an individual decides to take a trip to any place, they have a lot of planning to do and this includes hoards of documents right from flight tickets to hotel bookings, car rental details, and the whole itinerary. So, to save time and space, TripIt helps you store all the details in one place. Once you login to your TripIt account, all the details fed in will be displayed to you. TripIt allows an individual to organize all the travel documents at a single place for easy and timely access. Along with flight bookings, the trip has a facility to store the hotel confirmations, travel routes with car rental and also any outing details. In the case of business meetings or vacations, this app allows you to share your travel plan with your colleagues and family members for easy pickup or drop to the respective locations

So if you are a travel addict and love exploring new places or go on frequent business tours, there is no need to stress yourself to plan things the way you want. To provide you with the most accurate real-time information about places along with the finer nuances of a particular place which has been less visited, these mobile apps will help make your life easier saving you the exorbitant cost of a travel agent.

It further helps you plan the whole trip yourself and even gives you room to twist your plans a little in your favour as per your preferences.

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Let these apps help you learn in 1 hour, what you would usually learn in 3.



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