Why you shouldn’t moan about traveling near home

There’s a common idea amongst people that vacationing abroad is exotic, exciting, and enriching whilst exploring nearer to home is a little tame and dull. However, it’s all about perspective. If somebody from another country visited the nearest city or national park to you then they’d likely see it as an adventure, so why shouldn’t you? If it’s somewhere you’ve never explored before then it’s just as new to you as it would be to somebody visiting your country from abroad. Here are some ways to approach to a vacation near to home with an excited attitude.

It’s easier to make plans.

You need to plan your trip near home, but it’s a much less stressful experience than planning for a vacation abroad. You don’t need to worry about passports, visas, exchanging money, and all of those stressful things. You just need to think about a schedule and financing the adventure, of course. Book off a certain amount of days and make a budget per each day, depending on what your plans may be. If there’s going to be a load of road-based traveling in the family car then think about how much it’s all going to cost you in gas money by calculating the rough number of miles you’ll be traveling.

You might also want to look into domestic travel insurance because there are options available to protect your assets in much the same way as if you were traveling internationally. The point is that there are still plans to be made when traveling near home, but they’re not quite as intense as they might be when traveling abroad; you won’t need as big a budget, for starters, but you also won’t have to worry about exchanging your currency and incurring a transaction fee if you run out of spare cash.

Turn it into an adventure.

Think of this trip not in terms of how close you are to your home town, city, or state but in terms of the fact that it’s a new place. You need to really immerse yourself in the experience in order for it to feel less like a short break (or even less like a vacation) and more like an adventure. If this is a new city then immerse yourself in the traveler experience. Leave the car at your hotel or Airbnb and take public transport everywhere. Steer away from the tourist traps and see a part of the nearby parks of valleys that you don’t see in the brochures. You don’t know everything there is to know about your home country, and there are just as many exciting things to explore here as there would be abroad.

Don’t plan.

This goes against the first point, in a sense, but it’s a different approach you could take to your local vacation if you haven’t felt inspired by the ideas listed so far. You could hop in the car, head off on a road trip in a random direction, and see what happens. Traveling with no plan could take you to beautiful national parks that you never realized were practically on your doorstep or to unknown towns that offer a unique and friendly subculture that you didn’t know existed.

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