Top 5 immensely serene vacation destinations in the UAE!

Dubai and serene? Surely, we are kidding? No, not in the least. Dubai is part of an ancient land, populated by sheikhs and warriors who loved their leisure time and went out of their way to indulge in it. Dig deep underneath all the glitz and glamour and you’ll find a laidback, peace-loving people in the UAE, people who love serenity and the contemplation of nature. If you’re looking for some quiet relaxation in Dubai, we have the perfect spots and activities for you where you can truly commune with nature and your inner self. Here goes, and do pack your bag right away because it’s your turn to experience some serenity

1. Desert Safari in Dubai

desert safari in dubai

The desert appears endless, cloaked in ancient mystery, full of historical battles, caravans and trading. Imagine going on a desert safari, stepping onto the hot, red sand dunes of the desert, knowing it’s only you, the blue sky, and the miles and miles of endlessly undulating dunes. Sign up for an evening or overnight desert safari and experience the blissful desert sunset. There’s nothing in this world that can fill a person with more serenity than watching the burning red ball go down behind high dunes, and seeing the stars pop out, one by one.

Your desert safari will include plenty of adrenalin-pumping activities such as dune bashing, dune driving, camel riding, sandboarding, and quad biking. But not to worry, nothing will disturb the desert’s serenity. Take some lovely pictures of the sunset and then settle in your Bedouin tent with a hookah, watching belly dancers gyrate to Arabic music. You’ve been taken to the past, and time has stopped for you in this mystical ancient place. Be serene.

2. Dhow Cruise in Dubai

dhow dubai

The Arabic dhow is an ancient wooden vessel that was used for trading and yes, for smuggling as well. The cruise dhow is transformed with an acrylic superstructure that surrounds the boat. This way you obtain 360 degree views of the city’s coastline, while enjoying a hookah pipe and some onboard entertainment. You can sign up for a dhow cruise along the Persian Gulf, or along the Dubai Creek. Both cruises offer the kind of serene quiet that is such a blessing for the soul.

On the Persian Gulf dhow cruise, you’ll be able to see all the famous glittering landmarks for which Dubai is so famous such as the Palm Islands, the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab and more. Sign up for an evening cruise to see the entire city lit up in myriad colors, and how the colors reflect in the water. It’s a magical experience. The Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek cruises the length of the creek slowly, laying the whole of old Dubai at your feet. Watch the bustling life on both shores, and absorb the age-old feeling of history coming from the quaint old lanes of the Bastikiya Quarter.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

hot air balloon dubai

What could be more peaceful than to drift along slowly at a height of several thousand feet above the mystical Dubai desert? That too, at early dawn, when the sun is just about to burst out from the clouds that hide it, pointing his first tender rays towards earth.  At dawn it is still cool, and fresh breezes will caress your face as you stand in the huge basket beneath an even bigger balloon. Take a camera with a telephoto lens with you to capture the wonderful views all around you. Breathe in the cool, fragrant desert air and know you will know this moment as your most serene, ever.

Your tour operator will pick you up in the early morning, at least an hour before sunrise. After an hour in the sky, you will enjoy a wonderful buffet breakfast in a tent, after which you’ll be dropped back home. Hold the serenity within you, and feel that fresh cold air high up in the clouds whenever you close your eyes.

4. Kite Surf Beach in Dubai

kite surfing in dubai

Behind Sunset Mall is the most perfect, most beautiful beach that was made especially for kite surfers. In the early morning, you can literally hear your own thoughts; that’s how quiet and peaceful it is here. Whether you want to sit here and meditate, or enjoy a brisk morning jog, go for a swim or do some actual kite surfing, it’s the perfect spot.

The beach of off the roads, so not many people come here, especially during the weekend. The facilities are fairly decent as well. Come here towards sunrise, and go kite surfing on the cool waters. There’s no better way than this to say hello to a brand-new day, feeling the cool breezes in your hair, and the mild sun warming you up slowly. Serenity in every molecule.

5. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

dubai desert conservation area

Visit this 225-square-kilometre natural reserve and you’ll understand what peace actually means. This conservation reserve is dedicated to the conservation of the Arabian Desert’s natural beauty and biodiversity.  The conserve captures endangered wildlife and helps to rehabilitate them into the desert.

Take a break from the busy city and spend a few hours in the peaceful company of desert deer, Oryx, camels, horses, spiny-tailed lizards, snakes and other endangered species. There’s also a falconry here and you can learn how they are bred and preserved. Falcons have a unique significance to Arabs, which is all the more reason to preserve and treasure them. Take a walk into the desert in the cool evening, taking a guide and a headlamp with you. Breathe in the freedom from cares and from the bother of roads and traffic and rules. Just breathe and exist.


Serenity is hard to find, no matter where you are. This is especially true of a busy city like Dubai, where something is always being constructed, sold, bought, or traded. Still, there are places where peace still reigns. Take your dose of serenity at Dubai as often as your heart desires.


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