Quick and easy ways to raise spending money for your next big trip

Travel is the most wonderful thing in the world and all-too often we take it for granted. Think of it! It’s only relatively recently that the general public has been able to travel affordably to new and exotic locations all over the world, and while international travel is more flexible and affordable than ever… it certainly doesn’t come cheap. Many of us budget scrupulously in order to scrape together a deposit for our vacation and spread the cost over a period of months, but when all of this is done and out of the way, you’re still left with the thorny issue of spending money while you’re over there.

After all, what’s the point in spending big money on your dream vacation if you’re going to be stuck in the hotel room counting pennies and mourning all the activities you won’t be able to do because you can’t afford them?

Sure, you can use your credit card, but be wary of international transaction charges you may incur, not to mention the possibility of less than favorable exchange rates. Your best bet is always to use cash and to exchange it when the rates are best suited to you, but that’s often easier said than done (especially if your finances have been depleted paying for your holiday).

Unsecured personal loans

You may want to take out a loan so that you can enjoy your time abroad without having to worry about scrimping and saving. Many feel that they can’t pursue this option because of poor credit, but you may be surprised if you check out loans for bad credit from New Horizons. If you decide that a loan isn’t for you, the good news is that you can raise quick and easy cash by parting with your old, unwanted possessions.

Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and you’d be astonished at the extent of the goldmine that you may be sitting on. If you need to raise good money fast then these are some items that could ensure that your vacation goes with a bang!

Sell off your old vinyl

Didn’t you hear? Vinyl is back in a big, bad way!

Maybe you have a long forgotten record collection that’s been sitting in the attic for years gathering dust. If this sounds familiar, it may be worth blowing off the dust and scanning your collection for hidden gems that could be worth big money. If you raided your baby-boomer parents’ collection before you flew the nest, you may just find something incredibly valuable hidden away between the shocking embarrassments of the ‘80s (not that there’s anything wrong with Bananarama of course).

Sell your clothes on ebay

We paid big money for our clothes, yet when we decide we no longer want them (or, ahem, grow out of them), our tendency is to give them away. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to give to charitable causes, but while this is a wonderful thing, don’t fall into the habit of thinking that your old clothes are worthless.

Just because you’ve fallen out of love with your old clothes doesn’t mean that someone else won’t fall in love with them and pay good money for the privilege.

Selling clothes on ebay is quick, easy and could make you a lot more money than you’d think, especially if you have designer labels tucked away in there.

Purge that DVD cabinet

As Netflix and Amazon prime increasingly become the go-to choice for those who want to kick back and watch a movie after a hard day’s work, don’t be fooled into thinking that the physical market is dead. While some titles hold their value far more than others, there’s a huge market for physical DVDs and Blu Rays and if your shelf is groaning with the Oscar winners of yesteryear then you may have a lot of titles that add up to big money.

Sure, the movie market is leaning increasingly toward digital streaming, but there’s a huge market full of serious collectors who still love to buy physical and you’ll be astonished how much they’ll pay for some rarer discs. Steelbooks, for example, have been known to triple or in some cases even quadruple their value.

Raid the toy box

If you’ve bequeathed some of your beloved childhood toys, games, plush teddies or action figures to your kids, it may be worth looking at the toy chest. Many members of generation X have made big money selling their beloved Star Wars toys, but lots of other pop paraphernalia from your childhood can also be worth big money if it’s well preserved or even (if you were an incredibly restrained child), in its original packaging. Beanie Babies, Garbage Pail Kids, Hot Wheels and even Pez dispensers may well be worth a pretty penny.

Unload some of your old, unwanted junk and soon you’ll have enough to sip cocktails on the beach and plan fun family outings abroad without worrying about the cost.

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