Palo Alto: the other great Californian destination

When you’re looking for hotbeds of tourism in the Californian sun, you would tend to look at Los Angeles or San Francisco, but another place to think about would be Palo Alto. Located between San Jose and San Francisco, it is home to Stanford University but also probably more famously is home to the biggest companies in Silicon Valley such as Google, Facebook, and PayPal. So it’s safe to say it has its fair share of geniuses and in fact, its residents are among some of the highest educated people in the country, as well as Palo Alto being one of the most expensive cities in the USA, so let’s explore it a bit further.

For A Bit Of Culture…

You are incredibly spoilt for culture! Not only is there the Stanford University, which has various resources of an educational nature (such as outdoor sculpture which includes a big collection of works by Rodin), but there is also places like Packard’s Garage. It is registered as a historic landmark as the place where Hewlett-Packard was founded and is deemed as the “birthplace of Silicon Valley.” Check out the Stanford Theatre which is dedicated to the movie-going experience of the golden age of Hollywood, where you can enjoy movies from the 1930s up to the 1950s, and sometimes an organist will play on a traditional Wurlitzer organ prior to a screening.

Enjoying The Scenery…

Palo Alto is a unique combination of modern architecture combined with traditional greenery, and it’s where new meets old in many ways. From the many hotels, there are wonderful views of the whole of Palo Alto. And if you staying in a place like The Nest which isn’t far from the main hub of Stanford University and some of Silicon Valley companies, you can see the business district from your window, but also you’re not far away from embarking on a walking trail in the hills located to the west of Palo Alto. There are many trails to try such as one called Crazy Pete’s Hike which gives you a great view of the whole of Palo Alto.

For The Shopper…

There are various places to get your fill of shopping eateries as well as trendy coffee spots. The main shopping area is located on University Avenue and has various stores, from designer stores to the modest local shop. But they’re also plenty of fantastic eateries that cater for all tastes and styles. From sushi to pizza to Caribbean food, all bases are covered for all types of tastes. And if you are keen to socialize in the evening there are great micro breweries, such as Gordon Biersch, which produce their own beer on site and was the original Brewery which started the nationwide chain people know and love today.

Not just for tech enthusiasts, Palo Alto is an array of glorious sunshine with plenty to do that doesn’t involve using a mouse or keyboard, although if you have to update your Facebook no-one is stopping you! Go on!

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