Why your next vacation should be an adventure

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a vacation where you do little more than relaxing by the pool sipping cocktails and perhaps visit a few of the most prominent tourist attractions, but not every trip you take should be like that. in fact, if you want to have a really great time, you should make your next vacation an adventure trip.

Here are just some of the benefits of taking an adventure vacation:

They’re Healthy

If you usually come back from vacation having gained 10 pounds and feeling like you have a permanent hangover, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be different if you have an adventure holiday instead. In fact, the average adventure holiday is likely to improve your health because you’ll be staying active, climbing mountains, trekking the Great Wall of China or swimming in the sea every day, for example. This will very quickly improve your fitness levels, help you lose weight and give your mental health a real boost, although it might be tough going at times.

They May Boost Your Brain Power

If you embark on a travel adventure where you will need to do a lot of hiking, according to scientific research, you could come how with a bigger brain than you had before, especially if you make hiking trips a regular thing because walking for 120 minutes a week will grow your hippocampus by two percent! If the beauty of places like the Inca trail and the reasonable cost to climb Kilimanjaro aren’t enough to convince you to take a walking holiday, perhaps this will be. It’ll keep you sharp mentally and physically.

They’re Challenging

Although we think that having it easy and being able to relax will make us the happiest, it is actually the case that humans thrive on a challenge. If we have too little to do, we can become listless, depressed and bored out of our minds. So, by taking the time to go on an adventure vacation, we can give ourselves a real boost by pushing our bodies and minds to the limit as we climb, ski, canoe and explore new and interesting landscapes.

They Make for Great Stories

You might have enjoyed your trip to that Caribbean beach resort, but other than talking about how much the Barbados hotel cost or how good the cocktails were, you probably won’t have much to say about it. When you go on an adventure, however, you’ll be able to talk about the time you came face to face with a lion in the savannah or the difficulty you had climbing a mountain face, causing you to seriously contemplate your impending doom. Adventure vacations just make for better stories, and obviously, you’ll have much greater memories of them too.

They Open Up New Possibilities

Last, but certainly not least, adventure vacations allow you to try out new ways of living, and this can open up new possibilities that you’d never considered before. Maybe after such a vacation, you’ll sell all your possessions and go on the road for good; maybe you’ll train for a new career as a safari guide, or maybe you’ll just take up hiking at the weekend – who knows!

Are you a fan of adventure vacations? What do you love about them most?

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