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Don’t make excuses… Make it happen!

We got married, quit our jobs and booked a one-way flight, here’s why and how you could do the same…

We can’t remember the exact time or day we decided it would be a good idea to give up our jobs, our home and our lives in the U.K. to travel the world indefinitely. We had previously travelled together around Europe and South East Asia for a month or so at a time but never any real long term travel. The decision to take the leap was almost lucid, autonomous. It was like when you’re a couple and you start referring to ‘when’ we get married rather than ‘if’ we get married without realising it. It just became automatically assumed by both of us that we would eventually travel indefinitely. Don’t get us wrong we don’t think a big decision like that can be made overnight, we must have talked about it every day and planned for it for over a year but we always knew it was going to happen.

Croatia Waterfalls

Having the experience of backpacking together was a huge factor in us setting out to travel the world for multiple reasons. The first being that it deepened our love for travel and showed us just how much we enjoy travelling together. And secondly that it gave us the experience and knowledge to plan a trip of this nature without falling into many of the pitfalls that first-time travellers do. We can’t recommend highly enough to take a shorter trip first, maybe a month, to experience life on the road and learn from it. We certainly had our fair share of trauma but it didn’t deter us, for instance, we accidentally drove onto a mine field in Croatia but we survived and it makes for a good story.

We have to admit that it’s hard to save money for a trip which has no definite end date. On top of this, we were also saving for our wedding which was just 3 months before we set out. We had a magical wedding on Lake Como in Italy, our favourite destination and cuisine, but it didn’t come cheap. We had no social life for a while and we also sold a lot of our belongings just after our wedding and moved in with parents to help save extra money. We sold our car and rented out our house which also helped top up the savings. We know that our money won’t last forever and we have plans to work in China and Australia to help fund the rest of our trip and we are now also experts on how to live on a budget. We hitch hike, couch surf and basically beg, steal and borrow our way around the world, trust us we are not living extravagantly but we are living the dream.

wedding, Italy

As a couple, we feel incredibly lucky that we have the same passion for travel and that we were both happy enough to pack up and leave. We both knew that this was the right time for us, after getting married everything fell into place. Liam had decided to leave his job as a lecturer in which he could have had a career for life as the college were keen for him to move into management. This would have been enough to make many people rethink things but not us, we were adamant about our life choice. A family member was also in a position to rent our house which made things a great deal easier.

For us, we haven’t looked back and we are always thinking of ways to prolong our travels. We don’t miss home, we only miss the people there and with the technology these days, it’s so easy to talk to them. We always joke that we talk to our parents more now than we did when we were at home! People from home often ask us when we are coming home but our answer is always the same, that this is our way of life now and who’s to say if or when we will return.

We think our main reason for wanting to see the world and why we want to inspire others to do the same is that life is far too short. The world is such a beautiful place and there’s so much to be explored so why just stay in one place. Money seems to be the main reason that holds people back but we think it shouldn’t be because you can work in so many countries or volunteer for free food and accommodation like we do. You can live as cheap or as luxurious as you prefer. Similarly with careers and belongings, if you want to do it, then make it happen instead of making excuses.

We trekked for three days through the Himalayas which was gruelling but utterly unforgettable. We hiked for five hours on the Great Wall of China on the part that is not open to tourists. We sat above the clouds in Laos and we always feel the best is yet to come.

amazing view

We love waking up each morning and asking each other what we want to do today, completely free and able to do whatever we feel like. Why wouldn’t you want to do the same?

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Liam and Philippa

Liam and Philippa

The Hitched Hikers are a couple from the UK who got married, moved out of their home, quit their professional careers and booked a one way flight to India. They are currently travelling the world offering helpful tips and advice mainly focusing on couple and budget travel.
Liam and Philippa

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