Exploring the city of progress and prosperity

Cleveland Ohio, the bastion, and sanctuary of Rock and Roll in America. It’s evidently an American blue collar community that has been going through some brilliant evolutions during the recent decades. Now the city is rivaling its nearest competitor, in the form of its big brother Columbus, Ohio. Columbus may be the capital city of Ohio, but many see Cleveland as the home of its soul. Whether it’s football season, basketball playoffs, or the thundering horsepower of NASCAR racing, Cleveland is the most-loved sporting city of Ohio. But, stereotypes need not apply, which is one of the things many people should know before visiting the American wonder. Not to mention, the amazing beauty that it harbors because nowhere else in America, can you find lime green moss as you can at Cuyahoga River. Maybe it’s because it was once polluted, but now, the healthy green has given past days of rotting and erosion, a far sling into the past. If you’re thinking of traveling to Ohio, there are some fantastic spots which you must go to, if you want the best experience. However, one mustn’t get lost in a trance; there are also a few logistical issues which you need to keep in mind while exploring the city.

Entering the city

If you’re flying in, you will be entering into the largest airport in the city called Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The airport is used for many travellers coming from New York, Chicago and many tourists from Florida and Texas. Ohio is perhaps the proudest state of the American Midwest so that you can expect many thousands of people all swamping the terminals and running up and down the escalators. The airport is treated as an international hotspot because as aforementioned, it’s the gateway into the other eleven states for eastern passengers. The airport has its own app so you can predict the time of arrival as well as a number of flights heading toward your terminal. If you’re meeting a friend, you can let them know that parking fees are reasonable and the airport has a Smart Parking Garage system, so taxis, coaches, and private cars don’t get tangled up together.

Financial assistance

If you’re foreign to the country and Cleveland happens to be your first stop, the Travelex currency services will be able to handle all your money needs. You can exchange whatever currency in the world, at this establishment and you’ll be informed of what your current amount of cash is worth in US Dollars. However, this service is only available to you at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

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Brainstorm the mind

The Great Lakes Science Center is one of the top ten museums in the entire country. No doubt, it’s because the city and the state itself was heavily involved with the 1973 expedition of the Apollo Capsule project. Since then, going further in deep space with rockets and examining the moonstones have brought the museum to the forefront of scientific inquiry in the state. The building also delves deeper into the unfortunate past of the lake’s environmental problems. However the exhibit it uplifting because it also shows, the mammoth task the community understood to clean up the lake, and the enthusiasm also spread to other parts of the surrounding wildlife of the city. NASA still plays a role in the museum, and the guides are open to answering any questions about prospective future projects.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Made entirely out of glass, the slanted, sharp-pointed shaped building is a marvel of modern architecture itself. You can see it from miles away, because the glass reflects the awesome power of the sun, shining the building and impressing the locals. Standing four stories high, the building’s frame is bear inside, with massive, thick black steel girders holding the structure up. It has four galleries which focus on many artists. The exhibits blend a little of the blue collar attitude to modern art, by displaying paintings of hard working men, working in the steel and mining companies. However, modern art focuses on the obscure, and the museum is no exception. It offers customers a chance to study the tentative brush strokes of local artists who sit and watch the nightlife go by. Politics is of major interest in young people’s minds and many still-life photography pictures are also sublime in capturing the moment.

Lola Bistro on E. 4th Street in Cleveland

Richness of soul

One of the most popular restaurants in the city that’s motto is ‘progress and prosperity,’ is the mouthwatering bistro named Lola. Owned and run by Michael Symon, the place has a certain, happy go lucky vibe to it. Catering for the contemporary palate while respecting the needs and traditional flavours, many will find this welcoming establishment to their liking. Symon has been featured on the world famous Food Network TV and won multiple national awards, making him a local hero. He gives back to the community with dishes like succulent hanger beef steaks and sour pickle sauce. He offw#ers the hard working men and women of the city’s dirty, filthy and tough jobs, braised lamb shanks with smooth as silk, mint sauce and a plate of root vegetables. Those who are looking for a bit of casual dining need look no further because the low-priced barbecue brisket is served with tangy and hot smokey rubbing powder.     

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