The explorers guide to turning travel into an adventure

People who travel do it because they want to live a life of adventure. They want to immerse themselves in all things incredible; those moments that will stay with them for a lifetime. But traveling is easy. Getting the most out of your traveling, however, now that is a skill that only true explorers have acquired. After all, that’s what traveling should be about, isn’t it; you and your destination sharing a moment together, a real moment, one that spans days and weeks, not just minutes.

Public Transport Is Your Only Option

If you want to get a real understanding of a place, then we suggest you take public transport to get around. The cultural differences of a place can all be found here. It will be eye-opening, crazy, mind-boggling and more, but it will soon become normal, and you’ll find yourself experiencing so much more than if you just took taxis everywhere, starting out the window and wondering what it must be like to live there.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Most people who travel flit about different hostels and backpackers because it is cheap. But this doesn’t give you the local experience you want. Yeah, you end up meeting people from all over the world, but it becomes a false environment. Instead, try and get your hands on a short term rental, or an Airbnb, or stay in some family run accommodation. Not only will you help the economy, but you’ll be able to get a much more intimate experience with both people and place.

reading on holiday

Reading Is Dreaming With Your Eyes Open

When you’re traveling, one of the best ways to see the beating heart of a place is to read about it. We’re not talking travel guides, though, we’re talking literature – novels and history books – because it will give you a real insight into the experiences of another adventurer. Films too. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you can always find something.

Run On Your First Morning

Set your alarm for the crack of dawn or before, take a shower and then go for a run. Everywhere in the world is truest and most real first thing in the morning. It is only the locals who are up, locals who are living their day to day lives. But that isn’t all you’ll get to see. You’ll get to see the top tourist attractions before they become crowded, and people, you’ll get to orientate yourself with where you are and you get to do it while clearing your lungs. There is something magical and poetic about jogging at dawn, smiling as you look around in bewilderment.


Eat, Drink And Talk Local

Every culture in the world is different in some way or another, and the best way to experience this is by totally immersing yourself in what they offer locally. So go to street markets to do your shopping, eat what the locals eat, drink what they drink and learn a few phrases so that you can have some interaction. There is no better way to get a better understanding of a region, city or village than to throw yourself into it fully.

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